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  1. Hello I was wondering how old most of the people here were. I often hear that those who consume adult content are quite young usually, but that doesn't sound right. I also often hear that people in relationships don't consume adult content. So I must ask how old are all of you? If you are in a relationship now, do you still consume adult content? *Either on your own or with your partner.* To start with myself I am 22 and turned such a few months ago.
  2. I am not making an attempt, I was only recommending. Pull your head out of your ass.
  3. It was never my intention to do such. I am NOT a troll. I was only making a recommendation that keep you a copy of the .WAV files and post them as samples. I'm also unfamiliar with inner workings of sound mods. I'm sorry if I was annoying. For future reference you should be more patient with people who ask questions.
  4. Oh, my mistake then. Just as a recommendation for future stuff you do, you might want to include some sample .WAV files. Do you also plan to give Sexlab Survival the voice treatment?
  5. Fair, is there any way for us to access the MP3 files so we can hear them?
  6. Could you post the voice files that we could hear them?
  7. How would one go about updating the mod on their playlist? Would they need to clean their save?
  8. Great, thanks for the info. I purchased a new drive to give me more space for moddable games. And now I know I do not need to have steam in the same drive.
  9. Which ones do work with the cum swallow mechanic? I'd assume iNeed does?
  10. Does Survival SE work with iWant RND for CACO at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community, or do I need to use basic RND SSE?
  11. Do we need to make a patch? Also how do I convert the two things with CAO?
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