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  1. Do we need to make a patch? Also how do I convert the two things with CAO?
  2. So we can use the one in downloads to trim to a desired shape even without sex? Because as you said it is just a copy of the one on Moonman's mod tweaks. How do we get SOS pubic hair to work with with YPS SE? Is the BIS mod tweak SE compatible? If not how do we get it to work/
  3. Is there an equivalent to the bathing tweak for keep it clean? Also does the fashion tweak work for SE?
  4. Can we wash off sperm in this mod? Also does the altered YPS download allow or pubic hair trimming like the mod tweak?
  5. That isn't what cuckquean means really.
  6. When I try to install the main file I get this as an error. "Line 1, Column 3: Argument at position 0 has incorrect type for CompareWBVersion, expected string got integer."
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