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  1. Hey guys! Added 7 new animations on LL. Hope you enjoy it, also stay safe and healthy! DOUBLE BED ANAL - DB_anal stage 2 M/F M/M ANAL - DB_anal stage 3 M/F M/M CLIMAX - DB_fuck face_CLIMAX M/F M/M WINDOW TEASING - [SHY GIRL]Seduction_stage 1 M/F F/F TEASING - [SHY GIRL]Seduction_stage 2 M/F F/F HANDJOB - [SHY GIRL]Handjob_orgasm M/F F/F HANDJOB - [SHY GIRL]FF Handjob_stage 2 F/F
  2. Thanks and I'm glad to know you've figured out what the problem is😊
  3. I thought that to release something worse than My first pet is impossible, but EA continues to prove that nothing is impossible for them lol. No really, this game lacks so much compared to the previous parts but they decided that the most necessary game solution is to clean up the trash. The same trash as this extension pack. Lol my thoughts exactly. I'm not a fan of farms and everything related to them but now I think that anything would be better than this.
  4. New animations are available for early access on Patreon DOOR ANAL - [ROUGH]DOOR_Hard anal_stage 2 (preview) SHOWER TEASING - Let's take a shower together_mutual mastrubation (preview) New Party lover animations are available for early access on Patreon DOUBLE BED TEASING - MFF_Kissing him together (preview) HANDJOB - MFF_Double handjob (preview)
  5. Lol after you words I have a moodlet of incredible happiness, and I'm very grateful for that!
  6. Thank you so much for your kindness Alie! These words are very inspiring and makes try even harder lol
  7. That's absolutely awesome! Thank you very much Modella for such a great work!
  8. Thank you very much I'm glad to hear it! Well I usually do not make changes for the download file section, unless it's an update for LL, in order not to mislead site users. But you are right, next time I'll specify the update date in the title.
  9. Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well! So, 6 new animations and so it turned out that all of them are for double bed lol. Hope you like it! DOUBLE BED TEASING - [Her first sex] Let's trying just the tip M/F TEASING - [Her first sex] Just the tip M/F VAGINAL - [Her first sex] Defloration M/F CLIMAX - [Her first sex] Climax M/F TEASING - Your ass needs to be punished M/F M/M ANAL - DB_anal stage 1 M/F M/M
  10. This bed is from this set https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4/id/1454961/ That creator makes really great CC.
  11. Lol this stage as a logical continuation of this one https://gfycat.com/inexperienceddaringasianconstablebutterfly @Red_Abyss once suggested this cool idea - MFF where one of the women takes photos on the cellphone. I really liked it, so I decided to combine it with Shy girl. Thank you very much, it is very nice to hear that! The new update will be coming soon and I hope that you'll like it😊
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