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    I love Succubi, Roleplaying, Beastiality, BDSM, hentai, ecchi and about anything else that can excite your fantasy ^_^

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  1. mmmm those are some top tier boobs on your banner, the nipple decos and the blindfold makes it even kinkier, i approve <3

    1. howahd110


      I was extremely happy to get permission from @engeljess23 to use it on my banner, she makes the followers/body, everything! 

  2. :)

    1. Garnet MacLaine
    2. howahd110


      :) how are you two doing this weekend? 

    3. Garnet MacLaine

      Garnet MacLaine

      I'm doing well today and trying out some mods.

  3. tumblr_pgyayrWxOW1wvqx4do1_1280.jpg.59283208f4f1d3d68a501ea1fc77983e.jpg

    1. howahd110


      If you're talking about "top tier", I'd say you fit the bill in many many ways too, definite approval here too! 😜 

    2. Sucki Ayana

      Sucki Ayana

      hehehe stop you are making me blush... ~

  4. i love orcs and big mutants

  5. I notice fill her up is listed with pregnancy mods - have you tried adjusting the pregnancy belly for psq hmm not quite sure i get what you mean, how can i do this?
  6. yeah it is supposed to make your belly bigger when you get filled with cum, just like fillherup mod does, but i just cant get it to work on PSQ alone ( PSQ has that option in MCM ) all i m asking is if anyone was able to get inflated using only the psq option Without the fillherup mod ^^
  7. well thanks for all the replies but i can get inflated when using Fillherup, i just cant get inflated when using Only the PSQ mod so thats why i was asking, Also i got the milker from the additemmenu too so its the psq milker but i just dont think it just works yet or something
  8. ok guys, i have a few questions ^^ 1st) is the inflation option supported or just exists in the MCM? cause i cant get inflated no matter what ( also have fill her up installed but not enabled for this character ) 2nd) what is up with the milk ? i m using milk mod economy already is there any problem? Also, i wear the milker and i get the power "milking" but nothing happens when i press it. Thanks in advance
  9. Busy trying to update PSQ T_T

  10. ok so i have a question! do i need anything else except from the main file to make the succubus transformation work? i reach the stage 2 of the quest (under daedric influence) i become the succubus but nothing changes expect that i get combat vigor and atronach flame trailer after each encounter, plus stealing the skills. can someone help pls? ( i m stuck at the stage "A Succubus is born" )
  11. ok so i didnt keep a save and i cant get rid of the tattoo so i m stuck with 100 arousal all day x.x is there a way to actualy get rid of it?
  12. Hello:) Awesome mod! i managed to get to the cart bondage etc somehow! but when ahlam leaves and bjorlan(or w/e) gets up to take off, i cant go anywhere. so the question is, is the next part not coded yet? if so i guess i dont have to worry about it
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