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  1. Can someone please explain too me why is it every NPC is counted as a dom to the player character if you chose to play as Nora? like i have the mods setup for F+F but EVERY God Damn other NPC is for some unknown reason to me, counted as the aggressor, why what fucking gives i have searched through every mod, and the only thing i can find is the AAF Gender selector, but even then the fucking PENIS Never shows if i change the Female character to be counted as male ect. i'm pulling my hair out at this time over this bs The modders never care to address in any mod descriptions a good way to at least state something along the lines of "oh hey i made this mod, its a good one, but eh unless you have a male character, you'll always be the bitch in any AFF scene, so enjoy ;D" Like holy shit. i don't wanna piss anyone off but how or WHY, yeah WHY is every AAF animation for Female on female action You are counted as the receiver of everything, Why were none of those AAF mods specifically centered around the main fucking character being an aggressor, instead each scene each animation Everything that involves having a female character, no matter what mod is installed you happen to end up being the one to take every fucking cock in the commonwealth. So I am posting this venting as i ask, Is there a Mod that is 100% fully compatible with AAF That makes NORA the female protagonist, the main character, the player, YOU the one that is NOT THE NPC. a fucking Dom, aggressor, top. and by every right, the one DICKING DOWN, the female NPC's of the commonwealth? If not no sweat. but if there is ;/ oh by the love of the great divines, please drop some links... I fucking beg of you.
  2. https://gist.github.com/57b03e2e041e662cad94709b02b84f29
  3. Hey um... idfk what i'm looking at but it was all fine2 days ago... i update RJW race support, then this mod started saying the check for the latest version has been failed error 404. Am i missing somthing?
  4. Then why is it still a requirement to have.... much like Creature framework, which does not work for some reason, that or my tiny brain cannot comprehend why my game before fully lunching states that "creature framework API Not found" and goes on about making sure i installed it correctly before snapping me to my desktop 5 seconds later..
  5. CF SE Simply will not load at all when starting a new game... everything was installed properly i went down the list to pin point each error and resolved them and tested all works fine, ALL besides fucking CF SE. And to answer alot of people that will ask, It's the same persistent API issue, I have PapyrusUtil installed MNC Jcontainers... My game is unplayable completely due to fucking CF SE And every mod so far relies on CF So now all i can play is the base game and some off putting mods... I'm not a modder i know nothing about looking into log files' fixing json bs... knowing if an ESP Conflict, hell i barely know how to use the SSEEdit to clean some files. But Come on. Does anyone know what the issue with CF SE is at all?
  6. This API issue is still a fucking issue.... The Game won't even fucking load in after hitting New Game it immediatly crashes after saying API not found try reinstalling BULLSHIT... You figure this issue would be resolved after what? 6 fucking years?
  7. This is still a problem i am getting this issue after hitting monsters and npcs with Aphrodite's bow plz halp.
  8. You've officially done the impossible almost o.o
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