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  1. I'll definetely try this, thank you. I will get back to you, once I fixed a CTD Issue that prevents me from even loading. However, I remember finding out that it did not happen everywhere outside, only in certain places. It could be because of some mod testing I did. E.g I tried at Whiterun Watchtower but I remember that at Whiterun I spawned about 30 NPCs the other days. I'll double check this, too.
  2. I got a bit of a problem that has been giving me headaches for a few days now. So basically, before a scene starts I get different levels of "freezes" depending where I am. By freeze I mean the game gets 0-1 FPS. And this is only during the "preparation" phase. So undress, positioning, teleport etc. Afterwards the animations run beautifully. Inside (e.g. Breezehome): No lag Any City (e.g Riften): Maybe 1-2 Short stutters, usually only 1 sec, totally fine for me. Outside ("Skyrim"): This is the problem. Outside in the wilderness, I get huge freezes at each "te
  3. It took me a while to get it working, so hopefully this helps someone. How to get Vagina Collisions +Ball Physics Working with 3BBB Advanced Body (Assuming you installed 3BBB, SMP, CBP etc, all latest version). So, firstly, create your preset with bodyslide. IF YOU ONLY WANT BALL PHYSICS: You bodyslide should work after my edits. Do the following steps for the file 'CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData\ERF_Futanari_CBBE\ERF_Futanari_CBBE.nif' : 1. Open the file in NifSkope 2. (has already been answered in this thread): Right click 0Node, Selec
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