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  1. i have a problem of textures not been applied to the face, other mods like slavetats, bathing in skyrim and STA can apply textures to the face without any problem my nioverride.ini config: [Overlays] ; Applies to only the player, or all humanoid actors NOT RECOMMENDED changing this, you can add overlays to certain actors via script bPlayerOnly=1 ; Default[1] ; Determines whether face overlays are enabled ; disabling this disables the hook bEnableFaceOverlays=1 ; Default[1] ; Determines whether to immediately apply shader changes ; when overla
  2. so do you mean that they eventually grow full size and become able to have animations? for me they seems to stop when they reach like 50cm (more or less a size of a cat for those that don't understand the metric system)
  3. i mean... the get up animation ends with the character facing the opposite direction that was faced before the animations begins... so the character returns to the original position very suddenly... maybe more 1/2 second to return more normally to the original position would be enough... and about the tit shaking, it could be used as a separate animation to make npcs spank only your tits and let the bend over, bj and twerking to spank only the ass, so it will also give the player some control over the whitch part should be spanked
  4. it doesn't actually work if you mark "disable victim controls" in the sexlab mcm and if I unbind the key it will affect all the normal animations in which I should have that control and I would still be able to keep pressing the space bar until the animation skips and being a victim make sense for me. i mean... autosuck is a act of pure impulse, so it means that you have no control of yourself... you are technically a victim of your own addiction
  5. any chance to make victim option to autosuck? i managed to fully recover a character from cum junkie just with the END key, and felt like i was cheating i liked this idea, it will give creatures like rabbits and deers some utillity, and maybe a way to introduce creature corrupiton mechanics and unblock fondling in the future
  6. i do not know if this happens just with me or it is on purpose... but leaving a town after paying the tow apears the message "will take no much longer before the guards realise that i'm gone" and i get punished if i come back after the grace period, this happens no matter if pay the tow or not ... so there is no much sense paying the tow right now for me just for trolling you and laugh a little bit? sounds funny to me about the bend over animations they look nice but will they have some real purporse? and in the get up part the animation ends very suddently i don't
  7. try building a naked body in bodyslide and marking the option "build morphs"
  8. about the real time morphing it says that increasing max morphing rate decrease the rate of chance and it s a little confusing, so how the max morphing rate and time intervals works? and what the configurations should be to have the fastest changes?
  9. than should be a option to store in another hole, this also will make the extraction more easy trolls are strong and aggressive so if you use defeat you could just surrender to them
  10. Wow... this is a pretty complex mod but the way that npcs ask peverted stuff to a complet stranger in front of everybody was quite unimmersive to me... so i have some suggestions, first is some type of begging escalation or progretion(depending on the npc morality or relationship if possible) > first time you beg npcs will just give what you want, if you beg again they will ask something more inoccent in retribution like some firewood or delivering something to another npc, but if you abuse their kindness than they will be more cruel... no one likes a annoying begger no matter i
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