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  1. I'm gonna take a look at what I can find
  2. Hey I would like to know what ideas you all have so I made 3 polls: General/other ideas: https://poll.ly/#/2MqayvYB Dairy/Cow ideas: https://poll.ly/#/PvyJlEQg Futa ideas: https://poll.ly/#/G3YwXNxR
  3. I am "Starchild". I am currently working on a latex themed expansions. And because Stellaris mods tend to need patches because of a lack of modding possibilites, that's probably why the author considered me in their plans. One example is the new "Lustful Void Strategic Resource Unified". We are also both on the LV Modding Discord.
  4. That's a though one. I also had blank portraits show up in the empire creation and it's difficult to find what caused them, at least for me. The only way to find out why, is to look at the modlist and this specific mod.
  5. I have only looked through the files and I have to say I really like it! You are a talented artist. I also like how some males look like futas or how some males are look very different from the females. It really adds to the diversity of xenos.
  6. It would certainly be possible. But the best way to do it with an enclave would be to use the same diplomacy screen that the other enclaves have to buy certain amount of slaves. Otherwise making it like the vanilla slave market screen would be too difficult. Aside from there needs to be a planets selection too. So either send every bought slave to your capital or random planet. And regarding traits it would be best to give the option of slave presets. So you could for example choose between "worker", "prostitute" "cows" etc. I'm not gonna do such a mod but that's how I would to it.
  7. I can't actually believe it. I installed a bunch of LL mods and wanted to start a new instance and save. But my game kept crashing and I couldn't figure out why. Then I was browsing the Sexlab Framework category and found this mod. I thought that it would be a nice addition as I have a few mods that morph the body so I installed. I then started launching and now it seems to be working so far.
  8. You can simply overrite the file with the ascension perks and remove the rogue servitor civic from the excluded conditions. That would technically allow you to get the ascension perk. But I don't know what consequences that has for the crisis content and if you can still use it since it may not have been made with the rogue servitor in mind.
  9. Oh thank you! That's the first feedback I got for it. I'm glad it helped someone.
  10. I use DDS Converter 1.4. I believe this is the website: https://vvvv.org/contribution/dds-converter And this is a screenshot of settings I use. I don't know if those are the best settings but they always worked for me.
  11. Oh nice. I recently saw the original mod on the steam and I'm glad to see you make a patch for it.
  12. That's another issue with the mod. The author overwrites the vanilla species code but that only works for the last loaded mod that also does that. I go in more detail about this in my newes mod where I also propose a general manual fix for that and a small tutorial. Alternatively you can also use this file which puts the Robophilia portraits in their own class instead of the vanilla class. Put that file in the folder of your Robophilia mod folder in common/species_classes and replace the file with this one here: robophilia_species_classes.txt
  13. There is a mistake in the descriptor file. The mod author has the folder path from their own PC in it but to share it with others it needs to be non specific. Here is a simple fix of the affected file. I recommend everyone to use it if they haven't fixes it themselves. New_Robots.mod
  14. Just looked at it. The mod creater used their own folder path from their own PC instead of a non specific one. I can give you a fix. New_Robots.mod
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Did you ever think "This mod adds humans, if only they were in the humanoid class, that would make sense." or "I am building robots or finished synthetic ascension, a shame that I only have the vanilla portraits as option despite all my mods." This mod aims at helping you provide a way to add any modded species to the vanilla classes. If you know your way around the Stellaris files, you may already have figured that this doesn't just work on it's own. Some mods overwrite the vanilla files (and I did that mistake too) to add them but this only works for the mod loaded after any mod that does that. So this is the best solution I could think of: This mod here contains a copy of the vanilla species classes code. The point is to add any species you want in a vanilla class (such as humanoids, machine, robots...) and then load this mod last. This way, the vanilla species classes get only overwritten once and you have control over how they are overwritten. Of course this comes at the price of having to do it yourself, but modding Stellaris is rather simple and you just need a text editor. It basically boils down to this: - decide which species you want to add to a vanilla class - get the exact name of that species - insert it below the other species of your desired class Now with an example and more detail: - so you found your species that you want to add, I'm gonna call it HumanoidXX - now that name may be different in game than in the code so you have to get the exact name - locate your mods folder (documents/paradox interactive/Stellaris/mod) and find the mod with your desired species - go to the folder of that mod and into modname/common/species_classes - here you will find a textfile, open it - you should recognize a structure similar to the one in the screenshot above - the important lines for you is: portraits = {} - this contains a list of all the portraits of that class (you can regognize the class name on the far left a bit further above - code is ordered in a hierarchical structure, you should be able top regognize that) - now you can simply compy the line with the species - with my example it would be "humanoidXX" (notice that it is always in quotations and it needs to stay that way) - now go to the folder of this mod here, you should now be able to find the file with the species classes, it is called modded_in_vanilla.txt - open it - now go to the class you want to add it to, in my case it would be HUM which stands for humanoids - so then I go to the last species under portraits = {} which in this case would be "humanoid_05" - press ENTER to make a new line and paste the copied species name in to the new line - this line should only contain a bunch of space in the front your species (in my example it would be "humanoidXX") and space behind it - make sure your added line is in order with the species above, meaning the same indentation so everything is clean - then you can do this with every species you want to Additional advice and information: Don't use this with "[Stellaris] Vanilla Framework" that mod edits a bunch of vanilla files regarding species and it doesn't work with this one But if you understand the porcess that I explain here, you should be able to apply that knowledge and edit that mod to add your species into the vanilla classes, instead of downloading and editing my mod here, you do that to their mod If you missed it earlier, this mod needs to be loaded last When you want to add a machine species to the vanilla ones, make sure to add it to both ROBOT and MACHINE The species classes names in the code are shortened versions of the in game displays HUM -> Humanoids MAM -> Mammalian REP -> Reptilian AVI -> Avian ART -> Arthropoid MOL -> Molluscoid FUN -> Fungoid PLANT -> Plantoid LITHOID -> Lithoid NECROID -> Necroid The classes with "PRE-" in front of it are for pre-sapients, by adding a species here, they should have a chance of spawning as pre-sapients too I hope I can help some people with this If you have any advices or questions, just ask them and I will try to do my best to help or improve this
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