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  1. Setting aside the animations for the moment, these would be interesting concepts to see. As right now, the escape system favors warrior/stealth builds that spend heavily into stamina. If there was a path for mages (even if that path was only accessible once they were not (blindfolded / gagged) or some other limitation), to use magic as a means of removal, that could lead to some fascinating gameplay. In terms of the first point though, it is true, that the minigame does seem to scale rather linearly with skill progression forcing players to constantly increase the difficulty. Would
  2. Thanks for the response Tenri. I guess I do not know enough about how Open Cities made the transition of pulling things into the main world. Interestingly, FWIW, it seems Slave Run (and all the guard/enforcer scripts / triggers seem to work with it. So maybe there is some slim hope for it yet...
  3. I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked, but given that this support thread is now 353 pages, finding it (if it exists at all) would be an exercise in self flagellation. "Is it possible to resolve the incompatibility with Open Cities?" In terms of immersive mods, I would have to list Open Cities near the top if not on top. The ability to freely walk in and out of these large cities is fantastic. I just wonder if it could be possible, as there are several unique ideas that would be fascinating to integrate into my current mod list. Thanks for
  4. So, I am going to just leave my thoughts here for people to ponder... This mod looks like a lot of fun and has some unique potential that I did not see anyone discuss thus far in the forum. (Sorry if I missed it.) Given what was discussed here: Would it be possible to create integration with Devious devices? The idea is that a player can be completely restrained, and as long as they are not locked into a chastity bra, they still have the ability to fight. (Currently, DD supports limited hand to hand / armbinder combat as long as the hands are in front of the player, or th
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