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  1. Im complete noob, so I only now figured out that scripts need to be complied in geck and that fnvedit doesnt do that. I located problematic code in CWinitQS which executes CWevent after you load game from main menu begin menumode if menumode 1004 && menumode 1007 && menumode 1013 if getgamerestarted seteventhandler "OnLoad" CWevent seteventhandler "OnActorEquip" CWevent cw_init endif elseif menumode 1036 let racemenu := 1 ;cw_menuchild ; this is unfinished endif end ; menumode removing which fixes dancing animation. CWevent has this code
  2. Hello, I'm having the same issue, did anyone ever found a solution? Issue definetely in cotw scripts, since deleteng them with fnvedit fixes the issue, but I cant determine what exactly causes it. Cotw changes two vanilla scripts to make children killable and thats it, all the other scrpits new and they just npc listings, child at heart perk addition and some token management
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