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  1. It is how I did it in the first place. Regardless, tried to remove Havok, no changes in term of saves. I also started a new game in the SSE version and tried to disable every mods save for alternate start and its requirement (USSEP) - Still having the same problem. While I could do a clean reinstall I would really rather not lose my current playthrough.
  2. None, its just a boobs physic mod, although i would like to mention: I made another modlist on Special Edition this morning to attempt to rid myself of the bug, I seem to have the exact same issue. Here is the modlist (if it helps when comparing them) As for Papyrus yeah I checked, but to be entirely honest i'm rather unsure what errors to leave as being "okay" and those that aren't, so i'll upload the log for the SE game Papyrus.3.log
  3. Hello, thank you for your answer; - Quick Saves, Auto Saves and Manual saves all have the issue, and take the same time. - I did use it yes, sadly there was no difference whatsoever. - I confirm the issue is only in skyrim. - C Drive currently has 16GB of free space, E drive (where skyrim is installed) has 25.
  4. Yeah, still no luck so far at the very least. I really don't get the issue...Still I suppose its not that bad, i can just restart my computer before playing...It is just rather frustrating
  5. Nevermind, it does it again...UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. For me it seems vortex was the issue, leaving it running fucks up my saves times it seems
  7. News: It fixed itself, quite litteraly. I did a clean reinstall : Nothing. i did another this afternoon and reinstalled the mods slowly to look for incompatibilities: Nothing, everything worked perfectly for no reason whatsoever. Skyrim modding for ya.
  8. Yeah no my bad, I did load sexlab, meant to say that I only loaded with the needed mods. I'm currently troubleshooting and its not doing that anymore with a complete clean reinstall, so i'm trying to reenable my mods 10 by 10 to see if its a compatibility issue.
  9. No problem, thanks for the help. I'd like to add once more that the bug persist with litteraly NO other mods installed but Defeat/Sexlab/Fnis/Zaz, just wanted to try it out.
  10. Wait how? I do have the right version installed in my mods (you can even see the multiple attempts of download and redownloads)
  11. Oh my bad, completely forgot about it. There you go :
  12. Hello everyone! Man realizing that my post history is me asking for help feels bad...but i've ran out of ideas. I've been trying to install defeat on my Skyrim SSE, but to no avail. Originally I believed it to be an issue with my modlist, but after doing a full clean install and installing ONLY the appropriate mods for Defeat, my game still refuses to launch...Completely! It basically goes invisible for perhaps thirty seconds, and then nothing. Now I know that many people don't download the right version and ge the LE instead, I did get the right one here, checked too many times to
  13. Still looking for intel on that one, even with ONLY this mod installed, I still crash. I'm using vortex, any link to that perhaps?
  14. Mod crash my game before i can start it up, any solution? I really REALLY don't want to go without defeat. Oh and I do have the right version installed, its Defeat SSE, not the base one
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