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  1. For some reason I don't understand myself, I found the owner's room video replacement trick still works for my game. However, I've been testing it by replacing the file manually; using the mod manager would be a lot faster, more convenient (especially if I choose to upload it later...) and less of a hassle. So is there a way this can happen? remember, the mod has to be placed in the Common folder of DX_11_global_data.
  2. How does the GOM setting work? I've tried setting it on multiple girls and nothing comes up.
  3. I thought it a placeholder for where he wants to put the actual nipple. Having those there gives an idea of how the final product would come out, and can be replaced later.
  4. Topic. One thing I like about DOA5LR is the ability to customise hairstyles on the girls. This led rise to mods like long hair mods to Ayane and Christie, short hair on kasumi, etc... I think that Venus Vacation has changable hairstyles (so you can give Kasumi her hair down model...I think), so I'm wondering if any of the LR hair mods have been ported over to here.
  5. Can you also change girl's hairstyles like doa5lr, and are there mods for more? I want Ayane's long hair mod from here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/66650-doa5lr-mixed-mods-clothes-from-casual-to-sexy-new-doaxvvx3x3s-1st-design-contest-rachel-and-tina-ayane-and-hitomi-in-rondo-breeze/. And what else can you do with the girls? I think there's a camera mode, but what else?
  6. Do you have an example of this? Can any mod on this site by planted on an r or n suit?
  7. May I propose a fusion dance collaboration between you two? Perhaps you could help each other somehow, or at the very least, pool your work together at the end to have nude/semi-nude versions
  8. Definitely starting to look better! But now you realise you gotta do all your work again
  9. Butler's got a good idea. I would also personally make the nipples themselves a bit smaller; perhaps compared to the mid-body shots of neptunia, having bust shots as they are make the nipples look far larger by comparison. But that's my nitpick.
  10. It's a step in the right direction, but it still doesn't look right. I can't exactly pinpoint why; it just still doesn't look like it fits on her body. Compare it to an image I pulled from a neptunia nude mod: Another thing I would suggest you look at is the bust sizes for each of the girls. Each of them look like they have the same 'mould', even if it doesn't fit their body type. I would take your own suggestion and try to 'follow' the swimsuit portraits for scale.
  11. @Skizzikus I will be totally honest with you....I don't think they look very good. The nipples especially don't mesh very well with the rest of the bodies (Rise and Yukiko are okay-ish, but the others look kind of ugly). I'll fully admit I know nothing about doing portrait editing like this, but I would encourage looking for others who do if you're inexperienced with this kind of modding. My first idea of where you can go for help is the Neptunia threads (eg https://www.loverslab.com/topic/115870-hyperdimension-neptunia-rebirth3-ecchi-mod/) and contacting some of the people who are putting up edits there, like NovaRain. I would encourage you to to still continue ahead with this project, but I hope you consider my advice regardless.
  12. If you haven't found it already, this might help: https://tips.clip-studio.com/en-us/articles/795 I would recommend using gimp or photoshop though over that; it looks like it'd have an easier time of handling something like this.
  13. I'm reading a bit more about how DOAX:VV is played and I'm getting dangerously close to considering playing it. But it still doesn't answer my question about seeing all the SSR costumes though.
  14. I'm out of the loop when it comes to this game and its modding community, so forgive me when I have to ask: How the heck are people playing DOAXVV anyway? From what I've researched, this game is a online only, constantly updating, PC gatcha type game, correct? And from that, I hear unlocking the SRR costumes for the girls is a giant pain and timesink as well. But on this site, there seems to be a massive amount of uploaded modded costumes for the outfits in the game So to that end; are people actually playing X:VV and using all these outfits, or are these mods all conceptual for the lucky players who actually score the outfits in question? I would like to give this game a go and marvel the work done by the modders here, but I don't want to sink all my time into unlocking costumes (unless there's some sort of 'easy cheat' crack/method that I've overlooked)
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