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  1. Thankful for any advice on tweaking or trimming down the following mod list. The game seems stable (no CTD problems, etc.), but slow and stutters to the point of not being playable, really. Windows 10 Home, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (3600Mhz) 4-core processor, Radeon RX (4GB GDDR5). I use MO2, LOOT, and xEdit to clean if needed. I tried using BethINI to lower settings from Ultra to Medium, but with no significant improvement. I don't honestly know enough about programming to understand what the issue is. Any advice on mods to remove (or performance mods to add), load order recommendations, or any other advice greatly appreciated. Mod list:
  2. Yes, thank you! I saw that when it released and have installed it. It did not fix 100% of the issues. But overall, a great improvement.
  3. I appreciate the offer! But I've never really had any difficulties with CM Partner. If I were starting from a clean install, I'd definitely go with MCS, since that seems to be preferred. But right now, I'm running really well with my current mods/load order and don't want to rock the boat.
  4. This is true... I am probably over qualified! 😜
  5. OK, it might be that this is a problem with with AMD GPU... Which I have... and OR shader. Until there's an OR patch, I am probably stuck with the problem. Everything else in game is working great without CTD problems thanks to the help you have given. http://tesreloaded.com/thread/2095/missing-armor-textures-update-included The double torch problem is because I'm an idiot, and there's no patch for that.
  6. I wonder if uninstalling and then reinstall OR would help?
  7. After reworking my BOSS load order, new bash patch, and including Oblivion Reloaded... My game looks better and is more stable than ever. My only problem is that most NPC eyes and often parts of clothing and armor disappear...but only outdoors. Eyes and clothing always OK indoors. When outside, the eyes disappear, parts of armor and clothing become semi-transparent or completely transparent. This is worsened at times (like at night when those clothes/armor would have a light source shining on them. Move away from the light, and problem improves (but not completely). Outside, eyes missing regardless of lighting. Active Mod Files:
  8. Thank everyone for your help. I have been able to install Oblivion reloaded and DarnifiedUI. Trying them out on old saves right now, but will start new game when I finish with everything else I want to do (TES4edit CM partners and use MCS, fix BOSS load order, etc. I really like the graphical effects with OR, however, there are some issues with parts of some armor becoming transparent, and some NPCs not having eyes. Is this simply because I have been trying on old save and will correct itself after starting new game with BOSS load order? Or is there something else I am missing. I had a stroke in the past, and sometimes it is easy for me to miss details when reading. So your help has been fantastic! EDIT: The missing eyes and armor transparency only occurs outdoors and fixes itself when indoors.
  9. Thank you both for being so helpful!... I will remove Enhanced Camera and try OR again. I had OOO and MMM patches ready but not active because I had planned on eventually using one or both. But I will remove them. I will look at fejeena link again and double check all of the steps. I will run BOSS and sort out the rest manually. I will start a new game. Any other recommendations?
  10. My process for sorting has been as follows: * Run BOSS with "Sort Plugins" and "Update Masterlist" selected *Run WryeBash and create Bashed Patch *Start OBSE/Oblivion Is this not the correct way to have the load order BOSS sorted? Other than the unrecognized mods at the end, shouldn't running BOSS this way sort my load order correctly? If not, then I have been doing it wrong and would be happy to change.
  11. OK, thank you for the help! I am really trying to learn how this works. I fixed the duplicate Dungeon Actors Have Torches and Fall Hair Wig Shop. I don't think I understand where the BOSS order you have is from and my BOSS log are different. My BOSS is version 2.3.2, but I don't know if that matters. Are you saying that my BOSS list is wrong after sorting, and I need to fix it manually to look like the one you posted? This is copy/paste from my BOSS log after sorting...actually, next post looks much better, easier to read...
  12. My load order was sorted by BOSS and the load order I posted is what BOSS recommended. Example: Sarelith is exactly where BOSS placed it. I did not manually place it. I may have to consider manually sorting the entire load order, but admit I'm not looking forward to it 😑 The mods at the bottom were not recognized by BOSS. These I had tried to manually sort as you recommended on one of the previous play throughs, but still had CTD problems. I did not remember to manually sort them after BOSS on this current game. I believe the NEESHKA mods are compatible, but will recheck. I have not 'found' Neeshka companion on this play through and don't know that it is affecting the current game? I admit that I'm trying to hold off converting all of the CM mods to use with MCS. I understand now that MCS is better, but converting the CM mods seems scary. This is something I may eventually have to try... Probably if I decide to completely scrap everything and do a clean install at some point. OBLIVION RELOADED: I tried 4 times, following the instructions carefully including the Readme and OR for Dummies, but I could not get it to work. Every time after going through the steps it would CTD on the initial loading screen. One thing I DID discover while trying to install OR was that I not only had Oblivion.ini, but also Oblivion.baked.ini. Apparently, this is left over from when I used Vortex the first time I installed mods. (I no longer used Vortex because I eventually found out it is not good with Oblivion). It was getting very late by this time, but I cleaned out the baked.ini and loaded a save and played about 30 minutes with intentionally changing cells, fast travel, etc and did not experience any CTD. I am not able to play this weekend to test further, but perhaps this Vortex baked.ini was the main problem? My only issue is after trying to install OR, my DarnifiedUI no longer was working... You must uninstall DarnifiedUI prior to attempting to install OR... I have the DarnifiedUI BAIN wizard installer for Wrye Bash.
  13. OK, thank you again! So, the graphic features of OR just enhance things like QTP and other texture packs? They don't conflict with each other? And reading the information, I will probably disable OR weather because I use all Natural, etc.
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