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  1. What's the room you're using to have all of theses things in the same place? Will we have access to it once the pack is finished, and your internet connection installed?
  2. So, I installed this mod and I have Alicia.... Problem is, during a little "session", she disappeared; and now I have a "Alicia 2.0" that I honestly don't like for the physic. So I was wondering if there was a "walktrought" the mod and a way to get the "old one" back in the end?
  3. Quick question (keep in mind I have close to 0 idea of how hard it is to create all of this.) But have you tought about a Spider Web themed furniture? One that would allow to be cooconed up like you can see in some quest in vanilia skyrim (the guy with the claw) or like the arachnophobia mode? Do you think it is possible and do you have any intention of maybe why not in the future do something like that? (I already saw the chain spider furniture, impressive work by the way!)
  4. So I managed to finally tame my first slave (Niri) and after dismissing her with the radiant style menu, I can no longer have her back as a follower with that menu it seem. é_é
  5. Any ETA on when we'll be able to get what looks like to be a little work of art? (seriously, can't wait to visit that mansion and try out all the devices.)
  6. The problem was solved... The thing is... I actually one TWO The Sims 4 folders... One in my native language, the other in English. God damn EA... X') It's fixed now!
  7. Ok, so I've been trying to install WW for the past three days now. The problem is simple: The game doesn't detect at all the mod. I even tryied to simply place the files inside the WW folder directly in the Mods folder. To no avail... I feel like I somehow got the only digital version of this game that refuse to get mods just to fuck with me...
  8. Do you have any know mod that would allow to place theses furnitures in the world? Kind of a bummer to have to teleport to the PamaTestZone.
  9. I have a similar problem, I tryied to install Mimic Device and it's telling me the DD framework I use is obsolete... Despite using the 5.1.
  10. So, I have a little problem since a few days. When in the cave, for some reason, the white bar either goes up and down at a tremendous rate, same for the stamina bar, despite me pressing one of the struggle button ONCE. The settings are however on default... The result is that my character somehow unstuck itself in a matter of seconds, get up... And then resume the "cocooned" animation complete with struggle bar, but I'm able to move around at the same time.
  11. So it's an add-on? Got it. Only link I can find is that however, as for the family feud, it's apparently just an add-on but not the slaver camp itself?
  12. Hello guys, I'm searching for the Fellglow slave camp. I'm at the Fellglow's keep but I can't seem to find the slave camp. The keep itself is full of necromancers...
  13. I'll try. How do I install that script exactly? I'm not very good with files changing. X') edit: nevermind!
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