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  1. Thank you! I figured this would be the best place to ask Hmm, guess I should make a test body now and try it out....
  2. I use 2.49 for Fallout, that's fine. Just unclear if the modifications can be made directly on the .NIF or if it needs to be converted to a different file type first
  3. Is there anything special that needs to be done when modifying/making a body replacer in Blender? I can handle the actual 3d modeling part, but I seem to remember something about the mesh needing to be saved first as an .OBJ or .BLEND file, modifications made, then exported as a .NIF, or the skin shaders (or something) wouldn't work right. However, I can't find *anything* on the actual creation of a body, anywhere. Clearly it's possible, and I apologize if this is common knowledge o_O gah, creating not crating
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