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  1. I noticed you said that this mod is influenced by some of the oblivion lovers mods. I'm currently setting up a modded oblivion playthrough and was curious which oblivion lovers mods you would recommend?
  2. Alright, well I'll give the steam version one last try using obmm or wyre bash here when I get the time to. If that doesnt work, I'll probably buy the GOG version when it goes on sale.
  3. probably. I think the issue is coming from oblivion itself and has something to do with the launcher. I followed the Oblivion MO2 guide and to test it, I used OBSE Tester to see if it was working and it didn't open (like as if the mod didn't load period) I personally think it has something to do with the steam version and the issues with the Oblivion.exe. example being that when I launch the game through MO2, it doesn't lock MO2 like its supposed to. googling the problem has had no results, just some people having the issue of the launcher going back through itself which I can recreate by starting the launcher while its named Oblivion.exe. I guess it should be asked but is this normal to have so many problems with the steam version of Oblivion?
  4. so the game is not in the program files (all my steam games are separated on another drive) but it should be mentioned that launching the game completely vanilla (through steam, the exe, and the shortcut) all end up with me having to go through the launcher. if I launch through the launcher, I have to go through it twice before the game actually starts. edit: so I was told to rename Oblivion to OblivionLauncher and now I don't have to go through the launcher. so my problem might be fixed but I need to go test it. edit 2: no it did not. I went and got both skyBSA and OBSE and ran the body mod through MO2 with it starting up not through the launcher. it still doesn't work
  5. I don't necessarily mind not using MO2 but from what I've read, it should be fine in the modern iteration but I could be wrong shouldn't OBSE automatically work with the steam version of oblivion as long as the 2 dlls and the steam loader are in the folder?
  6. yes, I start the game through MO2 and it'll open the launcher. if I start the launcher through MO2, I'll have to go though it twice before I can start the game
  7. I've done a handful of searches trying to figure out the problem; I've used wrye bash and MO2, installed OBSE and tried to do the archive invalidation fix, and messed around with the ini, all to no avail. every time I start the game, no mods work and the game is purely vanilla. also it always open the launcher, that might be a symptom but I don't know. I have been using the HG EyeCandy Body as a base mod to see if things are working and so far nothing I do seems to change the game. does anyone know why?
  8. These might be some exceptionally stupid questions, but im kinda confused on the economy part of this mod. I get milk either through my own character or using cow slaves through PAHE. but wh do I actually sell the milk to? Also, my cow slaves get milked for weeks and I'm still only getting diluted milk from them, why?
  9. I noticed that both SG hair and eyebrows are a requirement of this mod, does anyone know where to get these mods cause I can't seem to find either
  10. So I've used ENB for both LE and SE for a while, pretty much only because I've been told to. For modding LE its pretty much required as it allows for more computer power to be used and you can turn off the graphical settings which is what I do. But, at least from what I can tell, it doesn't really do anything other than graphical enhancment for SE. For the sake of argument, let's say I have no interest in making the game look better and am ok with the original SE graphics, is it still a good idea to use ENB or is it better left behind?
  11. So it was an overload of the mods that was causing the frame problems. I was only able to hit about 250 mods before DD animations started breaking on a new game. so before I do another culling of my modlist, I'd like to make sure I'm pushing skyrim to the absolute limit my computer can handle. I have ENB so and I "kinda" know how that works. i also have SSME. but just to make sure, could I get pointed in the right direction to make sure I have everything right?
  12. I don't think so, but I do know certain dresses and yokes also have animations
  13. so i messed around with it a bit more and it is *most likely* some other mod or just an overload like you mentioned. i uninstalled all but the most necessary mods and that seemed to fix it, now i just need to figure out is its something specific or an overload like you mentioned. i cant seem to find the papyrus log btw. i did the necessary ini edits but it doesn't seem to be appearing
  14. Well thats an easy fix at least. I assume just knocking down some of the animation mods, specifically slal mods, might be the best idea?
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