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  1. Seems nexus decided to nuke some mods right as I wanted to start a mod install, anyone have these that wants to reupload? Lustiest Lair - Main 2.1.4-931-2-1-4-1590851211.zip Lustiest Lair - Main 2.5.1-931-2-5-1-1592487670.zip Lustiest Lair - Main 3.0.1-931-3-0-1-1603207061.zip survivalist_OD_A-929-1-1581005334.zip survivalist_OD_B-929-1-1581005354.zip Camping Icons and Rebalancing - 2.5-931-2-5-1591827565.zip Flagellant porn skin-824-1-1557247672.zip Darkest Dungeon 2B porn skin(Bounty Hunter)-781-1-1550422807.zip
  2. It seems that there are some options/events missing. There are no weights to choose (and no event processing) relating Ally and Creature. Are there plans to add this in? With regards to the quest popup, it is useful to know when the mod is active, but it is rather annoying to have it pop up every time combat starts. This seems more of a debug message that should have an option to hide it. Would just making the objectives empty text with an xEdit patch work?
  3. Modifying the speedmult via script is a fairly bad idea. Consider applying a magic effect that slows the player down and if the carry weight needs to be changed that can be done by adding/removing a non-playable item to the player inventory. I don't like most of the changes you made from 1.21 to 1.2.2. The DD framework filter should be handling animations (and temporary removal of devices as needed) - that's not something this mod needs to do. Gradual application of devices was also nice flavor instead of having everything dumped on at once, even if the underlying reason for it
  4. So I read the mod page, but I didn't see this answered: Is there a grace period between attacks wherein the player can't be cocooned again after struggling free?
  5. I see that now. However, the upgrade instructions make no reference to STA or the priority change which is what I was looking at since that's what I was doing with both mods.
  6. 1/2 = 0.5 1/40 = 0.025 This is how math works.
  7. It means you need to read my post that contains the download on what to adjust values to. The formula is also in the MCM and the MCM debug page shows what's going on. Preg rolls are displayed at debug/all level of text, so you would be seeing you have really small numbers. This is just a case of RTFM.
  8. Upgraded from 3.7 -> 3.9, disabled old mod enabled new mod so separate folders. I also started up a new game just to make sure it wasn't an upgrade problem. Tested with both KB/M and controller. The new MCM options for stagger and bump spank vibe chance don't work. They reset to 0 instantly. I even tried editing the exported json to set them to a value then importing it and they still showed 0. Some of the sliders also reset the cursor position; this behavior seems abnormal and does not appear on other MCM. This problem seems to be all sliders under the 'Spanking' category
  9. Cool so you didn't actually get a stopwatch and fucking test yourself. I really hate people who militantly defend their own ignorance.
  10. Use a stopwatch and boot up the game then again without 30k extra loose files (just move them to a temp folder to simulate being in a bsa). There is no bullshit. MO2 has to process *all* files on load. I saved somewhere between 45-60s on load time by moving a large number of non-conflicting files into bsa archives (3DNPC, LotD, etc.), and my machine is the complete opposite of a toaster. Stop going around spreading misinformation.
  11. Everything being loose files is stupid. Straight up. Your load time for the game is 3-5x longer than it should be. The correct approach is that some things should be in a bsa, and other things shouldn't be. If something offers only non-conflicting files (aka new files), bsa is fine. This is especially true when the mod is 1k files at 1kb each. Though it would make sense to put script source outside of a bsa since the compiler doesn't load archives to check for source.
  12. This mod doesn't use or require UIExtensions. Problem is likely on your end.
  13. The popup when using that debug function says it's permanent so I was hoping for a more elegant option. Looking through the script it adds it to a faction (_DFDisable) so it should be reversible through the console if I change my mind later so that will at least get the desired behavior.
  14. File modified timestamp on pex is later than psc in the archive, so I'm pretty sure I did unless the compiler failed somehow? I don't think I ever encountered that bug and I have no idea how the MCM script file would affect the console. I made very few changes to that file.
  15. Ran into some issues: I have 2 followers right now, one of which I wanted to be under the DF umbrella and the other not. I wanted to get rid of the DF one, so I cleared debt. However, the other one then immediately became a DF follower. I bought out that debt, but then it flipped back to the first one. I managed to dismiss one so this wasn't looping forever. This auto-swap is undesired, how do I prevent it in the future? I had a problem with dropping this mod in on an existing game (it wins all esp and file conflicts). The only follower management mod I have is EF
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