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  1. I set up a discord for the mod. If you want to discuss the gameplay and share your experience, contribute to the development by ideas or by directly working on the mod, or discuss giantess stuff in general, please join!
  2. I thought to give giantesses a spell to lose/gain weight/muscle size/breast size. Or maybe on the contrary, giantesses could gain mana by sacrificing their weight (turning fat into mana).
  3. I have thought about this and it's indeed not worth creating another mod, since the current framework will probably provide the best gameplay. But without some good writing I don't really have the motivation to dedicate enough time to develop this mod to a level it deserves. Also I honestly lack a clear vision for the mod, which doesn't help. I'm more of a coder guy, even if I like to write some texts here and there and think about the gameplay design. What are you working on? If you have any question, feel free to ask. If you're really that motivated to continue to develop the mod, I
  4. The idea that I teased in the previous post turned out to be not that good, even though it could be enjoyable for some people. But suddenly another idea came to my head, and it could potentially be killer. Basically the idea for a new mod is that there's a pantheon of goddesses with different personalities (gentle, evil, gluttonous, sadistic, and so on) that reside in heaven/another dimension. And mortal people from the Earth can visit that realm in their dreams and interact with these goddesses. Of course when you come to this realm they are giantesses compared to you. When you tr
  5. Ok guys, I decided to freeze the development of the mod Giantess Queens. It was a good idea, but writing for it is very hard for me and I can't really do it alone. Mechanically it's not as clear as well, requiring a lot of effort in order to make the AI handle the interactions between giantesses and their tiny vassals. Also the whole idea behind it seems a little bit unrealistic, since Giantesses for some reason still live the feudal life like the tinies. I received a lot of experience for CK3 modding and had a lot of fun while developing it, so it was time spent well. I uploaded t
  6. I don't really want to manage a discord to be honest. If anyone else wants to set up a discord to discuss giantess content for CK3 go ahead and create it (also post to giantesscity). I might join it then. Your event chain is fine, but I don't really plan to have stray giantesses in the mod. They are all supposed to be rulers or courtiers, if they become stray they should attack another country and become its ruler. Plus we should concentrate on the interactions between giantess rulers and tiny vassals since it's the main feature of the mod right now. Of course if someone else makes
  7. Sadly, have nothing good to say, because I didn't have enough time and motivation to work on this mod in a while. Most features are implemented, but it still needs some work. Without a dedicated writer/writers I can't really finish this mod alone I'm afraid.
  8. Yep, all women have dicks for some reason. Have to remove them manually, which isn't nice. Also why isn't there an interaction to propose sex while on date? Otherwise good game.
  9. In the next version will be: Size differences like shown above. Also increased maximum breast size by a little bit. Giantesses can adopt enatic succession. Will later implement a new succession type where the strongest giantess inherits the throne, but not in this update. Tinies and giantesses have 5 skills (ass, boobs, vore/mouth, feet, vagina). They are randomly set from 0 to 25 to represent natural abilities, and everyone chooses a favourite attribute which receives +25 bonus (and will effect some other choices). You get XP by doing stuff with this body part. Some levels w
  10. Yes, just write <stress> <Tiny name> <Tiny he/she> and so on. You can try writing an event about wife, daughter or lover. But I can't promise when I'm going to add this.
  11. It's way easier now. You can refer to any variable by writing var:my_var. So if your mother has variable test_var and you want to check if it's larger than 10, you can write mother.var:test_var > 10.
  12. I think I will simply let a player choose between some provinces in different regions (for example, Paris/Kiev/province in West Africa/province in India and so on) and make her attack the ruler of the top realm of this province. No problem. While I agree with some of your arguments, I simply find it unfair that some random AI courtiers can find a way to turn into a giantess, but the female player and AI females can't. It means I have to give them a quest chain to turn into a giantess. I'm not opposed to this way of becoming a giantess, but it should be rare and hard enough.
  13. I understand your intentions, and they are good indeed, but if we add an event chain that lets a courtier drink a concoction to become a giantess, it logically means that all noble women can also start researching this concoction and turn themselves into giantesses. It's not a problem of gameplay, it's a problem of realism and common sense. It simply makes becoming a giantess too easy and not a big deal at all, if a random courtier can achieve this. Becoming a giantess shouldn't be commonplace, and there shouldn't be too many giantesses in the world. Like I said, I won't ignore you
  14. These are all very good ideas, although it seems becoming a giantess is a little bit too easy if some random courtiers can do it. Currently I don't plan to add concoctions/research as ways to become a giantess, but it could be bestowed by other giantesses (by spending mana). I think I could adapt some of your ideas as ways to spread the giantess faith and giantesses around, for example if a ruler is independent and is either not worshipping giantesses or is bad at doing so, his daughter/wife/lover/sly courtier could persuade a powerful giantess to bestow the gift on her and let her take over t
  15. Your triggers are not checking if a character is suitable. They check if the defender has courtiers that are suitable. Obviously, they won't work.
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