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  1. Andrew is not a slave in the normal sense. If you read the lore books and talk to him and some of the other girls, you will find that he is there voluntarily to protect the house carl female (whose name I forget) because they were supposed to be married before their capture. Kill him if you want with a console command. Beyond that, you are barking up the wrong tree.
  2. I am sorry, but that is how it is written. Feel free to break out CK and change it as you like.
  3. No idea about DD, never used it. But, it has all the same variables and function calls.
  4. You can change anything you like if you learn how. Racemenu is your friend.
  5. It works fine, you fucked something up. Please check your work before posting comments like this.
  6. Best to post in the General section. This will be a website issue or your browser. I can download it with Firefox.
  7. I would agree with that. All the best mods are not yet available on the LE version.
  8. dunno then MiaFindButtPlug MiaFindSlaveStuff MiaFindBunnyTail These are the quest to sqv. None can be running. If one is running, try setstage 10 on it.
  9. You can't just stay, you have to go in and out. Also, try the command ShowQuestTargets See if there are any Mia* and SexSl* that you don't know about. Do the same with ShowQuestObjectives This one does not list the quest id, but look and see if any of them look like Sex Slave quests. Radiant quests have conditions that an existing radiant quest cannot be running and in the oldrim version, I have seen that if a quest is supposed to start, but the script gets interrupted by a guard conversation, the quest starts at stage 0 and it never shows up, but still blocks other radiant quests.
  10. LOL You need the last two, MiasLair71hBSANoTextures and MiasLair71Textures. The first file is the mod, the second file is the textures. LL limits the size of files so I can't put one all together. The other files are specialized files. You need extra voices if you are going to make slaves of unusual kinds of people. Most folks don't. You need the bodyslide version of the labia exciter if you have an unusual body and need to make a special set. You probably don't. The 70d version was left up there for who knows what reason. You don't need it. Edit, I just removed the 70d version.
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