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  1. You can easily beautify all your NPC's using the Botox patcher. Search for it on Nexus. I ran it on all my mods, Inconsequential NPCs, Sexy Bandit Captives and Arthmoor's towns. Everyone is beautiful. So easy, no mess.
  2. "There's more to life than turnips and Mara" Hehe. Thanks for this.
  3. Never experienced any of that. Your game has other issues.
  4. You can also use MHIYH 4.3. (Google it). Once you force recruit her you can change her outfit in the Tag Along menu and it will stick. You can of course set her schedule, where she lives, works eats and sleeps. It's a really good mod.
  5. 5.3.1 Bug? I surrendered to the bandit outside Embershard Mine. He accepted my surrender and following a persuade check, he decides he is interested in Arissa. He ties me up and the struggle bar appears even though I have the struggle option disabled under Player as Victim. Regardless, the bandit walks over to my companion and stands there doing nothing. Am i missing something or is this a bug?
  6. Any word on the update? I wish I could help.
  7. Leg armor? You mean boots? Maybe check NPC vs NPC. Custom armor using non-default slots can be registered there.
  8. "I can kill everyone at level 1" Don't do that.
  9. Does this mod suspend during combat? Should it? I keep getting crashes during large battles and this mod is always the last mentioned in papyrus at the time of crash.
  10. Lesbian animations don't reduce arousal. Bug or feature?
  11. I had something similar. Make sure the probability for Defeat in the Bleedout section of DA is maxed and the others (if any) are low or unchecked. Instead of your opponents bashing you to a pulp during bleedout, defeat events should kick in.
  12. With Defeat 5.2, NPC's favor other sandbox routines during sex. This used to only happen during Bard songs where your partner suddenly develops an uncontrolled desire to clap. But now it happens all the time, everywhere. The NPC stands up or walks in place at every stage including consensual actions triggered by other mods. Without Defeat running, NPC's will stay in place and you can adjust the scene, rotate, etc. without the NPC standing up. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. If you use the action key, your victim will be placed in front of you. I don't think you can remove it any other way.
  14. Couple things. If I change the Action key to say, one of my mouse buttons, the mod forgets on reload. Changing it back and forth when i load the game fixes it. I should also mention, the mod does not always register Arissa for follower commands. Regarding the new 1st person kill animation, it doesn't seem to kill sleeping targets very well. Every time i try this move, the animation plays but once i regain controls, the target appears beside his bedroll very awake, very angry and very healthy lol. Beyond that it seems pretty smooth. I really the changes so far.
  15. have you considered his reasons to do so? how does he feell now? Atm i wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that he decided to quit modding. I imagine he feels humbled, gob-smacked. He thought Valve would empower him, but all they really care about is money and control. I hope he regains his footing and shakes this off. His mods are good.
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