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  1. Is anyone else getting this weird blackish hue on the penis when they use this mod? I thought maybe it was a texture conflict with his hair or clothing, but I removed everything and it still shows up. I'm using simdulgence_cas_yfBtm_RealGensPenis (trans), simdulgence_cas_ymBtm_RealGensPenis_CAS (male) and simdulgence_cas_ymBtm_RealGensPenisPlus_Default_LargeCCut (CAS default). Simdulgence RealGensPenis AddOns doesn't seem to improve things. (See pic 2, with the skin detail applied)
  2. I modified Midnitetech's "Spa Receptionist" Part-time career (because I struggle with Python and this is 100% for my own personal use) and turned it into a Stripper career. I've made it an "AdultPartTime" career with two shifts (12pm-8pm and 8pm-4am) and added some custom tones (the activities your Sim performs at work), and yet it: a) does not show up in the part-time category, and b) my test Sim does not go to work when her shift starts, and cannot be directed to go to work. I have absolutely no idea why, as I've compared it to the YA-Adult-Elder Fast Food part-time career from the TS4 base game, and my XML seems identical. It SHOULD work, but it doesn't. Can somebody PLEASE take a look and get it working? I'm honestly at the end of my rope here. Midnitetech_Careers_SpaReceptionist.rar
  3. Basically what the title says. The latest patch added firefighters, and they can do a stripper-style dance for our Sims. Except they don't actually change outfits! I'd love to see a mod that forces the firefighters to change into nude or preferably, into sleepwear (so we can make a proper stripper outfit for them in CAS). Are there any heroic modders out there who'd like to volunteer for this, which is undoubtedly the most important mod of all time?
  4. All of them. You gave her a cleavage, even though in the photos you provided, it seems she's fairly flat-chested IRL.
  5. I'm not, because the pictures of the Sims' faces aren't clear at all. If I could see what you were selling, I'd consider it. Some of your Sims, eg. Indigo Augustine, use cleavage overlays that are totally inaccurate, so that makes me wary. If the bodies are that inaccurate, then perhaps the faces are too. If I was a patron I could simply download the Sims and check them in-game, but why would I be a patron if I don't know what I'm paying for? You're pretty much the only person offering porn star Sims (besides Sims4Imagination, who provides close-ups in their previews) so you're providing a valuable service here, so I don't want you to think I'm just shitting all over you for the sake of being rude. I want to be a patron, but I can't do that if I can't see what I'm paying for.
  6. I can't be the only one who thinks it would be super, super helpful if we could actually see the Sims clearly, and not just photos of the porn star, with the Sim waaaaaaayyyyyy off in the corner. 12 pages in, and nobody wants to see what they're actually giving you their hard-earned money for?
  7. That would be really great if you could make her!
  8. I really need to remind myself that if it exists, somebody has jacked off to it. Still surprises me, every time.
  9. I hate bumping, but I really, really want this 😓
  10. Exactly how I feel! Too bad nobody's volunteered to make her, yet. We're coming up on 200 views. 😕
  11. Glad I'm not the only one! There's not enough pornstars who really epitomize that classic Barbie doll look the way she does.
  12. Ah! My bad! (2018, you weren't kidding) dling her now!
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