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  1. Gave the new wip a go, glad to see the faction problem is fixed. I've only been using the mod for the follower features so far, barring a few hiccups that's working pretty well. It seems to tread on the toes of my follower framework a little but that didn't cause too much issue. Glad to have a mod that can allow sex scenes to start mid way through combat, it's really something when you're midway through killing Forsworn and you turn around to see this Keep up the good work, I love where this mod is going!
  2. My muscle woman with Lydia (who has become her milk slave)
  3. Currently trying to find the best Argonian and Khajiit mods so I can travel with two handsome sidekicks
  4. Taking the boys Sven and Erik to the Blue Palace to have a look around. Found out something's going on in Wolfskull cave so I'll be checking that out next.
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