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  1. How about some suggestive shapes, instead of just straight up images. Like two spheres close together, maybe one with a shaft in-between them. Maybe trying to make some of the images into like the flags icon (the gold symbols). It looks like you have some in your mod right now, how about more like those.
  2. Nope that's from regular Lustful Void.
  3. Alright So I've been able to get more help for my mod. So here is the newest version of my mod. Feel free to download and test. The mod itself is just a anomaly mod for asteroid's with some hentai pics and descriptions. If there's more that I think I should add or modify let me know. LVTestEvent1.7z
  4. I'd recommend that you talk with some of the modders on discord https://discord.gg/e3uumKB They can help out.
  5. How about a futa dom based despoiler origin? Maybe a event where you encounter primitive futa species and they capture a crew member. Futa pirates making a base in your space. Technology might be a bit difficult to figure out what too put in.
  6. So here is the newest version for examination. Edit: Whoops forgot to put into zip file. one moment! LVTestEvent1.7z
  7. Thanks for the input. I've lowered the influence cost down to 10 from the copied mod code of 100, however I have no idea how to code the option to give you a event after choosing that option. Added a choice for hive mind with lvte_hidden_flesh_pit.1 working on something for .2 for hive as well.
  8. Thanks Zermelane! I put it together and now the mod works! Or at least as far as I can it it works! Should I post it or add more before submitting it?
  9. Zermelane thanks for the info about using vscode. I used it on the .txt file and found out where the brackets were missing. As for the event pictures I have no idea how to access the game directory. I mostly copy/pasted code from the two mods and re coded where possible. So how do I register the files as sprites, and what do you mean the sprite names aren't consistent? Do you mean that [picture = GFX_evt_flesh_pit_1] should be [picture = GFX_evt_lvte_flesh_pit_1] instead? Please and thank you again for the info!
  10. So I'm working on my first mod. This is just a test mod, copy pasting code from both LV and the Wild Lascivity addon Mods. So I did the best that I could and got the events to show up in a test game, but not the choices or images I was able to put it. I would like some help seeing what I'm missing and how to fix up the code. Please and thank you to anyone who helps out. LVtestEvent1.zip
  11. So it is fine to put suggestions on the forums or is the discord better?
  12. Just putting out ideas on more ways to collect "Exotic Fauna", basically giving the planetary decisions with Exotic Fauna Search these choices instead for at least 1 "Exotic Fauna". So the idea is that because you know that these features exist on the planet it should be relatively easier to find these creatures. This will mean that every time the edict finishes you get at least one resource every time instead of occasionally nothing for the activation cost. Occasional events pending on the roll of the event would be a good idea as well. Planetary Edict "Tentacle Lifefo
  13. Lustful Void update 😀 Next fucking day Stellaris update ruins mods 😭
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