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  1. I've been looking all over for this after I first saw a link but I didn't download it. Tanks dude!
  2. These are some of my favorite pieces of digital art, so I'm super excited to have them available for use in my Sims' homes and clubs. The idea for a photostudio is really awesome, dude. I love the previous lots you've made so that should be a very welcome addition as well. Thanks for sharing!
  3. This is my Sims favorite spot since I placed it in the world. I was even able to make it a real gay club by locking out female sims, lol. Thank you very much for all the work you've done to put these projects together dude. I especially love that you use only 3D gay porn that compliments the game. Really appreciate it man.
  4. Awesome sim. I was in need of another Chad in my town, haha. Thanks for uploading him!
  5. These guys are great and have become really popular in my world. Thanks a lot for sharing
  6. Your animations kick ass. The male-focus is very much appreciated! My sims have never looked so great. Thanks!
  7. Your animations are great. Thanks very much for all the hard work! I'm especially happy to get so many cool solo animations.
  8. Thanks a ton for the nappy Julie J. You did a fantastic job on the texture and it fits most of my sims perfectly. Do you have any plans on sharing more ABDL related content in the future? I'm going to ask around, but I'd love to see a super-plump diaper mesh added to the game at some point.
  9. Your Sims are some of my most favorite since I've added to the game. Hope you continue making handsome dudes, you've got a great eye for them.
  10. Thanks for the great makeover. As soon as I put the new Tom and Tina in my town they were making the rounds to everyone's homes and snooping. I especially like the new traits that make them more likely to enjoy flirtatious situations, most especially Tom.
  11. Heck yes, I've been struggling to find quick actions like that rather than changing global settings. Thank you :^D
  12. Good suggestion. I think I may have set the frequency too high before deciding to make some of my sims a little more conservative lol
  13. I saw that the upcoming DLC will be all about magic and occult sims, so I assume more occult-based animations will finally be made by the modding community. I was hoping for someone to create ghostly sex animations at some point so that ghost sims might take advantage of sleeping sims and other naughty things.
  14. Haha, I knew someone would tell me to just delete the adult content ;^P But yeah, I was thinking I might have to make some of my own traits. I supposed that the mods were conflicting with some of the traits I have that would repel sexual interactions. It's just so crazy because of all of my sims the priest and his gaggle of nuns have been getting flirty nearly all of the time, and although that is pretty funny I'm really trying to make them the most chaste and non-sexual characters in my world. I haven't tried to work for the asexual satisfaction reward yet, so I'll try
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