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  1. Is there a way to restart the deathclaw mutation?
  2. I have followed the walk through, should I post my load order/mod list?
  3. I've checked all of the requirements, and have them all installed. Could it be a load order issue?
  4. I have restarted the death claw promontory quest multiple times, waited less time or more, and I still am not trusted enough.
  5. Clothing such as the farm slave, tribal underwear, and official ncr prostitute have glitchy textures.
  6. I steal the key from Pan outside while not following him to send meat. Then when the I go to finish the mission in order to escape, the key ring is taken from me, Pan no longer has the key, the cell door locks itself, therefore, I cannot escape.
  7. The key ring takes the old macdonald farm key, it is then taken when sent into the cell. Resulting in the door being not able to open.
  8. How do I install the files? I keep trying parts 2 and 3, but get data errors from the extracted file from part 1.
  9. Chrome and Edge crash at around 73% of the download progress. My temp files are clear and I have next to no space used in the file that it is downloaded to. Is there a way to download it file by file, smaller downloads don't crash the browser.
  10. I have been carrying, the alpha takes them and moves on, sometimes I have three.
  11. I have laid about 5 clutches and I am still not trusted.
  12. How many deathclaw eggs do you need to lay in order to be trusted?
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