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  1. I'm sorry that the fixes for WR 7 where not helping your issues, but not to worry., I will continue to work on the mod and continue the progress. I am currently working on fixing some of the more critical bugs, such as Jala not doing private shows and so forth,
  2. @JesusKreist I see honestly no reason why I should publish the updates here on LL any sooner, but you are mistaken, LL will get the updates more frequently, but as stated above the audio files will NOT be published any time soon here on LL, the Keyword is EVENTUALLY this means to me, maybe when the mod is 100% finished and not before, the general updates will be a month behind. But as the patreon members pay for the voice actor(s), they have the first and last word on when the audio files are shared with the public, and from the last pole taken the vote was "NEVER"
  3. BETA 1 - In Development After lots of bug hunting and fixes, I am happy to announce that the Beta Version is now underway and is being developed on a steady basis. The updates will continue from the 17th of May onwards as per previous release pattern on Patreon. The highest Tier Patron's will receive a Separate BSA file, what includes the audio recordings implemented from Beta 1 onwards and gain more as each version is released, while the lower tiers will receive the audio files weeks later. More Details will be released as and when I am ready to share more informati
  5. they are NOT needed. additem ; crashes the mod. CF / MNC ; NOT needed but suggested Arousal ; not needed. but supported SL dialogue ; last info on it, creator was looking in to why it was removing dialogue (not my issue to fix)
  6. that specific bug, you encountered was fixed. the follow on quest refused to trigger as per script.
  7. New Update Available - 538 - Fix 5 Enjoy the new year. What's New in Version ReV-538 - Alpha 5 - Fix THIS UPDATE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BELOW --- 537 - Fix 1,2, 3, The Right Price Script update (option implimentation) NPC package Updates (Whiterun 7 & 14) Whiterun Plot 7 - Script updates Whiterun Plot 7 - Immersion update Bear Quest Fix Ladies Night Quest Fix The Party Quest Fix Whiterun Plot 7 - Updated Whiterun Pl
  8. u can use the mod as suggested or just keep interrupting him, and talking to him. and thaena will butt in and grab him at a point.
  9. @JesusKreist please refrain from making assumptions about my motives, attitude or anything else related to me or anybody else, this is a forum for mod Support, and NOT Stipulations & Assumptions. If you have a bug in the mod, please report it. Thank you.
  10. @Vurumal_#3 thaena was moved to the inside of the mansion on that build for testing purposes and the quest line was stopped but continuable once you talked to her inside the mansion. (this was done for a new script to allow new variations of the mansions to be added in, to unlock WR-AMR 7, 9 and 14, and assign all the npc's to the location that the player has chosen on)
  11. not sure I completely understand your question. are you asking me when I'd release a version that's on patreon to here? if that's the question. I believe i already answered it. and my communication has not really stopped, i just tend to ignore rants and complains. ASK me a legit question. related to the MOD and only to the mod with out getting snarky and i shall do my best to answer it as long as it isn't a spoiler ?
  12. my mod just call MNC. but 1 of the dev's knows about it, and said he is looking at it.
  13. try using both mods, Last report I had it removed critical dialogues, as I stated previously, I don't personally use the mod.
  14. @akspyder i think, it's fixed now. this should have perma-fixed your issue
  15. @akspyder that's a odd log, but thanks. i think.. i found it.
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