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  1. So, after updating to the newest version my DD Animation Filter seems broken. Whenever I've got a DD equipped and the filter on, the sex scene starts as usual but then after a second or sometimes even less, both actors in the scene suddenly start to masturbate. This is the first time, I've ever seen something like this happening. I've cleaned my system multiple times now. Utility overwriting everything in my load order. Does anyone have similar issues?
  2. Ok thanks for the reply. I have yet one another Problem regarding the kennels. When speaking to the kennel keeper, I'm not getting the Dialogue option to sleep in the kennel. Only to visit the troll. Is this intended in the newer versions? I'm pretty sure in older versions i could just talk to the keeper and go into the kennel.
  3. Is there a way to get rid of the nodescalings for the jiggles? SLIF is registering bodymorphs and nodescales at the same time for this mod. Unregistering the mod or the sliders inside SLIF is the only thing that helps right now, but after each restart of the game i have to repeat this.
  4. Ok the problem now is, that when first loading up my savefile/s i cannot move at all with an already equipped hobblesdress. I can still jump, turn around and do anything else basically, just not walk/run/sprint. I have to unequip and reequip my dress to move. After reequipping the dress, the hobble dress walking and idle animations are applied for like 10 seconds and then my character starts using the vanilla animations again. The odd thing is, while sneaking the hobblesdress animations are being used (idle and walking) I reinstalled fnis, deleted all my custom animations regarding idle
  5. I think the Problem was, me wearing a petsuit from devious followers and a hobble dress at the same time. After removing the petsuit My character walked with the hobble skirt animations. So i guess either those 2 devices are incompatible or pet suit animations are broken. I need to make more tests with the pet suit.
  6. My hobble dress walking/running animations wont play at all. My Char just keeps walking with normal walking animation. Everything else is working as intended. e.g. yokes and/or cuff walking animations are working. Anyone experiencing similar issues?
  7. I got it working again. I just reinstalled racemenu and reinstalled SKSE files into my skyrim folder WITHOUT overwriting existing files.
  8. I have the Problem, that bodymorphs wont apply unless I go into racemenu. The Sliders are all set in the MCM and the mods are showing. It used to work fine 2 days ago for 2-3 months. I didnt add or remove any mod since then. Does anyone have a similar issue? Im using MME, Fill her up baka edition and ABBA btw.
  9. After disabling the Mod this Dialogue stopped popping up! Thank you very much!
  10. plugins.txtloadorder.txt So I'm having this Dialogue pop up every now and then, when talking to guards or just running passed them. Clicking any further results in a CTD. I have no clue, which Mod is causing this Dialgue to pop up. I've tried several MCM options in some of my mods handling slavery without success. I would appreciate if anyone could help me on this one. I don't know, if this is in the right section of this site. This is my first post.
  11. I have the SSE version installed, but the facehuggers wont equip. Gag or Vaginal doesnt matter. Is this a common/known issue?
  12. So im stuck after the Riverwood enslavement. Im supposed to talk to Pike, but there is no Dialogue option to bring the Quest forward. Does someone have the same issue?
  13. Whenever I get Dismembered enemies stop attacking me. Does someone have similar issues?
  14. Yeah I guessed that, but I deleted a bunch of those mods and tried disabling a few others I recently added. But its still the same. I realized it is not about talking to them, but actually staying next to them whats causing this issue. where exactly in the MCM can I diable the punishment? I could not find it
  15. Everytime I speak to a guard in the prison of this mod, I immediatly get the message that I have attacked a guard and will get punished. Is this some Load order issue? or is this mod incompatible with some of or one of my mods? loadorder.txt plugins.txt
  16. Hi, the last Update kinda broke my mod. the Enjoyment Widget just keeps staying at 0%. Some parts of the Mod are still working though but some aren't. Is there any possibility of you reuploading the older version? Edit: NVM Vortex changed the deployment order for some reason, resulting in SLSO loading BEFORE SL. changed that and now everything works again
  17. Hi, I got MME and HP working together fine on my own Character. But NPCs dont become a MilkMaid when becoming Pregnant. Is this intentional, or am I having a bug/loadorder issue? Edit: NVM I just read the whole Description in the LE forum, its intended that way. But could there be a way to change that?
  18. 'I have placed barriers (the black lines on the Ground)' Are those barriers you mention part of a specific mod or DLC? Because I dont have them
  19. Yes, they worked for me aswell. The only thing I changed recently were some textures and I switched my ENB. Maybe its the ENB causing this issue? Im running the Re-Engaged ENB
  20. Yes, I know this hotfix. But I made the LE chains work somehow a few weeks ago. Reinstalled Skyrim SE installed DD and DCL and all the other things like HDT etc. But now suddenly it wont work after the new files. Which confuses me, because I did not change anything regarding the Prison chains.
  21. I dont know, whats happening. Everything worked fine for me, until I updated to the newest files of DCL. Now I cannot get past the Foreman in the prison AGAIN. Does anybody have the older DCL files for me? Edit: I just checked, and it is the PrisonerChains01.nif in the meshes folder whats causing this issue. Removing it, solves the issue, with the side effect of not having any chains on (Not really ideal). Which is weird, because I did not change anything from the Devious devices Mod. Edit2: I uploaded my PrisonerChains files, for you to test them out. PrisonerChains
  22. Thats weird, I fresh installed my Skyrim SE yesterday and installed everything I need for Cursed Loot and installed the CBBE non SE files from the DD installer and it worked for me.
  23. I had the same Problem just a few days ago, installed the hotfix and it worked. BUT there is a much simpler solution to this problem, which I just realised and tested out. When installing Devious Devices 4.3 via Mod Manager, DONT select CBBE SE just select the CBBE files and your game shouldnt CTD anymore.
  24. I fixed the Problem, I just installed the DD hotfix. I guess the Foreman wanted to equip the Prisonerchains, making the game crash. Still thank you though
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