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  1. Thanks this worked! It was set to 4 before.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I know that it has to be the same guard, but they dont react to anything in the first place I can legit just stand infront of a guard and swing my weapon or drink skooma/lactacid or do anything else that's 'illegal' but they don't react. It used to work a few months ago on a different version of this mod. And I have no mods altering guard behaviour other than sexist guards. Oh and I'm playing on SSE btw.
  3. I noticed the guard behaviour is not working for me. Doesn't matter what I do (taking skooma, lockpicking, drawing weapons) they just won't react to anything. Are there known incompatibilities? Edit: OK shouting seems to work, at least they approach me and say that 'shouting is making them nervous'. But after multiple shouts they are supposed to punish me, but nothing happens. The dialogue just plays out and then nothing.
  4. I'm playing on SE, everything works fine but the Spider eggs seem to be invisible for me. Are there any fixes?
  5. Yeah i have both of them installed. The quest works fine until I have to speak to the Jarl and get my reward. I hear the "gold added" sound and then instantly ctd For the time being I just finish the last part of the quest via console commands and add the gold manually. On page 3 of this thread there is someone who has the same issue btw.
  6. Anyone else getting a ctd after talking to the Jarls after the "Special Quest" involving horses?
  7. I have a question regarding the medium ending. Is there anyway other than using the cheatcode in the mcm or making the abolitionism questline to end slavery? I finished the medium ending and failed the abolitionism questline by telling pike about the existence of the group. the mainquestline says: 'All towns in Skyrim are now enslaved and you will be a slave forever. Or maybe not?' So is there actually a way to quit slavery other than the above mentioned methods?
  8. So I have this weird bug of spiders staying in their last sexlab animation when the scene stops. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm playing on SSE btw.
  9. Nice thank you this actually helped! Im still trying to find out why I lose AI control in the first place though.
  10. I'm having an issue, when starting a colosseum fight. I walk into the arena, press the lever, cassius starts talking and my character is being introduced to the crowd and then nothing. No enemy spawning, nothing else happening. When disabling scenes beforehand in the mcm nothings happening, not even cassius talking. toggling the quick start in the mcm wont change anything either. I think it has to do with the playercontrols being disabled. Because after pressing the lever, for a brief moment i lose playercontrol (cause of the scene thats supposed to start) but then i regain playercontrol,
  11. I would really like to use this mod, cause some of the features are really nice. But this facial expression reset 'feature' every 5-10 seconds is too annoying for me, to put this mod into my load order. If someone or the mod creator could fix this, this mod would be a staple in all my mod lists.
  12. So, after updating to the newest version my DD Animation Filter seems broken. Whenever I've got a DD equipped and the filter on, the sex scene starts as usual but then after a second or sometimes even less, both actors in the scene suddenly start to masturbate. This is the first time, I've ever seen something like this happening. I've cleaned my system multiple times now. Utility overwriting everything in my load order. Does anyone have similar issues?
  13. Ok thanks for the reply. I have yet one another Problem regarding the kennels. When speaking to the kennel keeper, I'm not getting the Dialogue option to sleep in the kennel. Only to visit the troll. Is this intended in the newer versions? I'm pretty sure in older versions i could just talk to the keeper and go into the kennel.
  14. Is there a way to get rid of the nodescalings for the jiggles? SLIF is registering bodymorphs and nodescales at the same time for this mod. Unregistering the mod or the sliders inside SLIF is the only thing that helps right now, but after each restart of the game i have to repeat this.
  15. Ok the problem now is, that when first loading up my savefile/s i cannot move at all with an already equipped hobblesdress. I can still jump, turn around and do anything else basically, just not walk/run/sprint. I have to unequip and reequip my dress to move. After reequipping the dress, the hobble dress walking and idle animations are applied for like 10 seconds and then my character starts using the vanilla animations again. The odd thing is, while sneaking the hobblesdress animations are being used (idle and walking) I reinstalled fnis, deleted all my custom animations regarding idle
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