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  1. Thanks for that advice but I got help on the ERF schlong page...but still have no idea why mine didn't work it was exactly the same as what the person there shared... It only worked after I replaced the whole json file to the one the person shared. I'm still confused why it refused to work.
  2. I'm confused now Erstam made the Cumshot mod not the SOS as far as I know. I think maybe your SOS had some installation issue is everything else works fine with it? You are playing SSE right? Just asking because this schlong is for SSE
  3. Is the follower a vanilla npc or some costume made? There is a possibility it has a costume race? About the armour unless the armour the npc has is a body armour the schlong will show so you have to add an armour that would change the body of the npc to the body that was made for that outfit in bodyslide.
  4. Thank you for that json file it works with that. Which makes zero sense what so ever as it is exactly the same as the one I made myself...expect for the positions obviously as I never got it to work. I still don't understand why mine wasn't working...
  5. Did anyone was able to add this schlong to the Cumshot json file? I've been trying to do it for weeks now and nothing is working I'm not sure what is the issue. I'm pretty sure the FormID for the SOS addon is the Faction one but it still don't work with that. Tried the equippable one with the Armour FormID and nothing too.
  6. Thanks for all the help by the way. Still not working but there has to be a way to make it work. Good to know about the Hex stuff that makes it a bit easier. I actually started to read posts here again and the weird things is according to your post and a post from a person who gave you the json file update the schlong I use should be in the 2.2 database from the get go. So now I'm wondering if the FOMOD installer gave me the wrong json or why it wasn't in mine. Unless ERF renamed it or something as this one was updated in May. Anyway I try to use the stuff he posted but it seems exactly the same as I have in mine already but I will rewrite it just in case and check the FormID in SSEEdit. There has to be some reason why it doesn't want to spit like a Lama.
  7. Yes I know you are done with development I'm not asking you to update the database I was just trying to see if I'm converting the wrong Hex to decimals or what on earth I'm doing wrong. Fun fact on a new save without changing the json files I have no CTD so I'm not even sure if that was the cause... I have no problem with the json file and putting in the work to make the stuff work I so desire it is kinda fun to be honest. I'm just a bit frustrated as I'm trying to get it work for a week now at least lurking all the pages here and it seems like the name and esp name is fine the faction Hex I found and the converted decimal is fine. I added values too by copying one I had working even tho the size is completely different but just for a test. So at this point I just can't wrap my head around what is the issue...but this is not the first thing I try to do myself and everything looks good on paper but doesn't work.
  8. Can anyone tell me why the ERF Futanari CBBE penis simply does not want to work with this mod? Also the ERF Horse Penis Redux does the same. I'm playing SE with a whole bunch of mods so if any known mod can cause conflict please tell me. I tried everything I saw here in the posts before hell I even changed the esp names to have everything controlled by me...which made my game CTD in that save so...that one is trash now. For some reason with everything set up as it should be according to all I read here and all the amazing people with their ideas and skills...it just refuse to work in my game...and I'm sad cause this mod is amazing. I think maybe Sexlab Squirt mod somehow interfere because my character is a futa? Is that even possible?
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