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  1. A few little questions.. is it safe to install mid game? And whats the best sexlab aroused redux settings to have with this mod? (guessing you want arousal to increase over time instead of decrease, to get the full potential of this mod)
  2. Holy shite Harvald... that will defo keep me busy for a while 😁 Cheers 👍
  3. As the title says I’m using uunp hdt body and Physics, but I’m having a hard time finding any clothes or armour for this body type 😔 nexus has none, google search is coming up short and loverslab search engine is just a little strange.. could some kind soul point me to were I could find some please.. atm I’m trying to find some sexy/skimpy lingerie and separate high heels for my staff/ housecarls
  4. I’m having a little glitch since the update.. as I’m using a controller and was recommended to use the shoulder buttons for the escape mini game, but once I’m cocooned and trying to escape (by using the shoulder buttons) after about 5 seconds I’m able to go into combat mode (hand to hand combat as I’m stripped of everything) and move around punching thin air. unless I’ve messed up my load order or something, but I’m sure this never happen before the update.
  5. I haven’t really tested your mod out just yet, as I’m still installing and rebuilding a fresh new Skyrim. I decided to give Submissive Lola a try instead of Devious Followers was because your mod sounded like it concentrated more on the Sub/Dom aspect side of Skyrim rather than paying and dealing for a service... Plus I didn’t want two follower mods clashing with each other. One feature that intrigued me about using Submissive Lola was that your Dom could dress you up as a ponygirl and make you do deliveries (which you ‘never’ have too many ponygirl mods included 😉) and I was wonderi
  6. Only problem in using backpacks I can see, is like me I prefer an armbinder over the yoke on my ponygirl and the backpack would get in the way (tho the backpack idea is still a good replacement to the cart) one option is to make another few new poses with hands facing forward locked too a body harness for security
  7. I posted this on the original S.L.U.T.S mod support for LE not knowing that this mod for SE could work with LE and was also being updated and looked after nowadays.. so i thought i'd post it here to see if it could be done/added.. is there a add-on to have/see other random ponygirl npc’s locked up/stored in the stables around skyrim? Or even have them returning home from a delivery on the roads (not necessarily pulling a cart)? would be nice to know I’m not the only SLUTS ponygirl in skyrim 😁
  8. Sorry for the noob question, but im still new to modding skyrim and the aroused mod is confusing me slightly... First off is really how the arouse formula works out how aroused you get without having any influence involved eg. seeing sexy armour, sex or naked bodies ect Secondly is cos i play with cursed loot and other mods which include events happening when your arousal meets a certain level... can i have my arouse increase over time (without extra influence involved) instead of decrease (which i thought the mod would do) so i would have to have sex to lower and manag
  9. whilst installing, i got a 'mod conflict' with MoreNastyCritters v12_5A SLAnimGenerateForMNCv12.pyw do i put this mod before or after MNCv12? or its nothing to worry about which order they go?
  10. Great Mod Kimy... Any chance to get some of the ‘combat rape outcomes’ ported over to the ‘rape when sleeping’ outcomes? eg Robbery Port to Inn Bondage Adventure Left in the Wilderness (not too far from where you got attacked) Get Restrained (I know that’s from the Combat Attack options.. that that would be nice as well) And even Simply Slavery as I ‘cough’ use a different combat mod 😔... but use your sleep attack options 😁 Just a thought
  11. Is there a add-on to have/see other random ponygirl npc’s locked up/stored in the stables around skyrim? Or even have them returning home from a delivery on the roads (not necessarily pulling a cart)? would be nice to know I’m not the only SLUTS ponygirl in skyrim 😁
  12. Does anyone know is the NPC surrender option based on the NPCs health or is just a % random chance they will surrender with just one hit? Only asking cos I have a 100% kill cam mod which can’t been set to activate only when a NPCs health drops below a certain level.
  13. Just wondered if someone could help me Im using this armour https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100610 for my female wood elf atm... but equipping the leg cuffs replaces the Druid leggings/panties armour part.. I’m guessing their both set to slot 53.. Is it possible to change the leg cuffs to a different slot without replacing any armour pieces of said outfit and an idiot guide in how to do it so I don’t fuck it up just by messing about with armour slots randomly.
  14. Thing is Zaflis, I’m not any good at modifying stuff plus one reason I started playing with mods for skyrim, was cos of the first COVID lockdown in the uk...as I had plenty of time too waste 😷 tho the thing about these only ‘cosmetic looking’ cuffs which basically just armour replacements... is that there must be a way to make more of a threat to the player... more DEVIOUS 😈 I quite like what I call ‘magic bondage’ (when an unknown force can put a victim in tight bondage).. so I was thinking.. couldn’t this work with the cuffs as well?.. maybe with an custom made exten
  15. Would you recommend keeping with the older/separate DD Series as suggested your guide or is upgrading to DD v5 ok to use instead?
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