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  1. Hey I noticed that in this version the mcm menu dose not show up for the mod. Is that on purpose? Also do you know what are the required mods for it to work properly?
  2. @Moonwalker9991 How goes the mod fixes and testing? Sorry if I am asking too soon.
  3. Hey if you do get around to fixing some of that stuff would you be willing to share the files with me? I have been trying to do some fixing myself but I am not very good at this kinda stuff so it would be nice to see someone else's improvements.
  4. Hey thanks for sharing the files. I will try to figure them out from the information I have. Thanks again!
  5. Hey then would it be possible for me to get the old files. I know there was a lot of problems with them but I just wanted to know if I could try them out.
  6. Hey wanted to know if this mod is still in development or is it no longer being worked on.
  7. Great mod! Never was really into object swallowing until this came out. Hope to see more!
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