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  1. welp i did a complete reinstall including cleaning the "overwrite" folder for MO and looks like is fine now, is strange since this is a was a new installation before I only got LE last week so i could install your mod, prob some other mod i was testing did something who knows. thank you for taking the time on helping.
  2. turning halo off is what is causing it. when halo is on this dont happen. i just dont like the light that halo does is why i had it turned off. and i dont use enb at all. on an unrelated note: ill read your instructions about DD5, wasnt able to find dd4 file im going to do a fresh install at this point and see if this fixes anything.
  3. from all the papyrus log: Error: HasMagicEffectWithKeyword called with invalid Keyword stack: [ (00000014)].Actor.HasMagicEffectWithKeyword() - "<native>" Line ? [SexLabQuestFramework (09000D62)].sslactorlibrary.CountCum() - "sslActorLibrary.psc" Line 171 [SexLabQuestFramework (09000D62)].sexlabframework.CountCum() - "SexLabFramework.psc" Line 402 [VirginStoryMain (7201848C)].virginmain.VirginTat() - "VirginMain.psc" Line 1922 [VirginStoryMain (7201848C)].virginmain.OnUpdateGameTime() - "VirginMain.psc" Line 1338 [01/13/2021 - 07:28:16PM] Error: HasMagicEff
  4. visual effects are simply screen goes gray colors then back normal. the sound just happens every time goes from one state to another. the effects start happening right away. im using "another live" mod so start happening right away in that jain thing you start at. and no i actually purchased LE just to use this mod (dw LE version super cheap) let me get the ss/ and logs and ill update this post UPDATE: Found out that this happens if i remove the halo effect from MCM Images with player visible: https://i
  5. but how could that be possible when starting new save? and if that were the case how could i disable/fix this if that even possible ty edit: night eye info:
  6. update: so after trying a ton of things it looks like when i activate "Shout Like a Virgin" mod this happens. i posted a question on that forum. feel free to close/delete this post if needed
  7. im getting some strange visual effects i think they affected by light but cant be sure https://imgur.com/a/EkN42Sv this is how it looks when it changes, also makes a sound. ive been tinkering with this for hours now and ive git it down to when this mod not present the problem goes away. the moment i activate this mod starts happening. also im testing with new saves on both cases to be sure. any help will be appreciated. ty
  8. no im not using any enb, this looks like is related to light and dark places only, when move in and out of light the effect happens also makes some sound, but like i said this is a new save is why i was think could be mod related but i could be wrong edit: here is what the images look like: https://imgur.com/a/EkN42Sv also makes a sound when it changes from one to another.
  9. edit, i tried again new save lv1 and started again was thinking could be that but back to 0
  10. i for the live of me cant tell what mod is making my character change visual effect when indoor only, i'm hoping one of you can help me or point me into the right direction. the effects turn screen gray or so and make a sound. this is my load order. thank you in advanced for any help that can be provided.
  11. has anyone converted this successfully into SE? thank you in advanced.
  12. after so long i found that SkyUI can make groups then can add gears to it, at least the redressing part is easier now, all this time ive been using SkyUI never knew about the groups.
  13. id have to say we all agree dressing and undressing is sort of a big part of all this mods. I was wandering what you guys/gals use for this or maybe point me into the right direction of what is should be looking for. thank you in advanced.
  14. Help, I'm having some problems installing this, I install LAPF - version 1.6a1 first then Lovers Creatures Beta1-2a and let it overwrite all files, then when load in get this message: "LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp needs to be placed closer to the bottom of your load order." no matter where I place this file on my load order this message wont go away, any help will be really appreciated. thanks
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