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  1. Yes, you can rotate the scene about an axis perpendicular to the ground. But I need to be able to rotate on other axes as well.
  2. Is there a mod that allows you to rotate the SexLab sex scene around the X or Y axis? To avoid moments when the terrain has a slight slope and the scene partially goes into the textures.
  3. Is it possible in the future to add a chance to get pheromones when having sex with a creature?
  4. Tell me modifications for poses sex with creatures.
  5. (Sorry for my bad English) In the game, all Argonian had not a natural shine. I decided to reinstall the mod, but the shine remained. I looked in meshes. And everywhere there is the path to the file "KhajiitPenis_s". Had anywhere to change the path to the necessary file to get the proper shine. I do not know whether such problems from others.
  6. To attach did not work. Here is a link to a screenshot http://imgur.com/gallery/mslvtCC/new
  7. I disappear half feet when wearing the armor and also the Khajiit plantigrade steel. I had such a problem. How to solve it?
  8. All who have a problem with the disappearances, install the mod using Nexus Mod Manager.
  9. The house is good but for some reason I had with him was terrible lag, and I deleted it.
  10. Is it possible to release an addon to "Moonlight Tales"?
  11. Is it possible to connect it to the "automatic version"? Or "moonlight Thales"? I would like to make existing or werewolves had a variety of colors.
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