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  1. I am pretty sure it is going to use your default female body. There is a texture pack but it adds items like glasses and stuff mostly. There are patches to use Devious Devices with also. I use a Bodychange which means that I get some flat chested slaves that I'm not for sure if they are from this mod or cursed loot or something else. When you attack a slave or one of the slavers, the slave shows as your enemy and will run a bit and occasionally kneel down as if to hide or shield itself. If I don't kill the slave it may wonder around the road and I might see it later. I use a Paradise Halls mod that allows you to make slaves. I think they worked hard to make it where you could regenerate the slave as your slave. For the most part I don't think they are capable of becoming a follower unless there is another mod that can do that. I really like Paradise Halls but there are a a lot of versions and variations.
  2. So I had noticed at a certain point that certain tats did not work properly anymore. This may be do to them the conversion. They show up on my game like a spectral color specs on the body texture. If this is the case do you know a source or method for a person to take the older type and make one that works in the new system. I had used cane marks on my characters which had a better texture than Sanguine's Debauchery and lots of other mods. There are several of these instances. Thank you for the great mod,"slave tats" and what you have done. Your mod is a fantastic addition to this game that has allowed such creativity from mods and peoples desires for play variety.
  3. Unique bodies as described in the text read me and customization looks like it would work for you with some effort: you can change the textures to your own liking to make them different. It discusses physics and says: Using Bodyslide given that you have the desired Bodyslide data. This would be a stretch for me. I had added Unique Everything to my list of things to do. It would be really neat and allow me more choices. Based on your experience I am thinking of going straight to Unique Bodies with a lower mod count data file than my normal game. My current game is right at 210 mods down from 250 at one point. It gets so hard to reduce them and yet my character life is reduced by my current game set. I think what Unique body describes can be made to work. The body slide part bothers me because sometimes I have troubles getting the right groups found, and a lot of trouble getting conversions to work. I am going to check back to see how you progress and if someone a lot smarter with me can help. Good Luck!
  4. There seemed to be a lot of issues with Unique Everything so you are probably way ahead of me. I was interested in your comment and the mod because of the problems between UNP and CBBE body types typically and when I use bodychange. So if the gear is not loaded and in the load our first those body types would seem to crash immediately. I would think that what Unique Everything has to do might take a lot of resources. I would really like to be able to use the mod to increase the variance of custom armors it would open up. Face texture issues keep me from using Unique Everything although there are easy fixes with the Creation Kit for that.
  5. It seems odd that it is actually incompatible. There are a lot of CTD reports with the mod. I would try cleaning the mod and checking the order with all the mods affecting body types. It seems to work well for me, even if I steal the slaves from the slave traders.
  6. It should be so easy, but I tried to get them to add castration to SOS and got an emphatic--No! You can't hardly get anyone to respond. It would seem to be a swap with the castration added as a strap-on, schlong. I had thought of trying for a while to do it but when time allows I always want to play the game. I need a modder. It would be so cool that after your babe is enslaved if she could seek revenge and castrate. All with a fantastically gore group of animations. Someone help with this call. I would like to create a mod called hunt club! It would have of course a hunt club. In a dream world it would be an extension of paradise halls slavery with purchase, sales, and of course the hunt. In theory it would pop an NPC fairly strong of various selections to hunt with some naked to armored. Hunt your game, enslave or be enslaved. Possible even having a former slave owner selected for a quest to hunt. The hunt club could have a backstory with a magic spell to capture the selected NPC. I love your question. We just need a master modder!
  7. This exactly corresponds to what my player needs. I have been running a family based on my orc male whom was a horrific slaver using primarily the Paradise Halls Slave Camp to sell trained slaves. I play his daughter's and grandchildren as characters. So I am planning to try your fort for another generation. I use a a lot of mods such as Sexlab Survival, Slaverun, Skooma Whore, Milk Mod, Cursed Loot, Deviously Helpless, RND, Frostfall, etc. to make my players have to survive in their adventures. This looks like what could be a real staple location for me. Thanks so much for making this mod.
  8. Thank you for making this mod which fits exactly with my game style and latest game.. Role playing with a Redguard with pretty heavily modded game centering around Sexlab Survival, Sanguine's Debauchery, and Slaverun. So she plays living in mostly underground and the wilderness dealing with the cold. Having served time for crimes, been sold to slavery, she likes killing guards and is very stealthy. For certain periods Sexlab Survival has restricted her magic with a tattoo on collar. To state a bit about personality she is attracted to orcs and trolls, but usually uses sex to get resources. She has a name, but not always. She was brought to Skyrim to be a slave. Her skills are such that she stayed for a time in Marthal to carry his child for a castle which has failed so far. Blocked from ovulation by the magic collar. This mod is a really creative idea that has the potential to increase the restrictions I enjoy playing around. I look forward to your effort--it is great for lovers of this game to see new creative modes coming out.
  9. Thanks for making this. Okay, so basic stupid request, that you can make the shop where you can both buy and sell items. Simply a role playing request. I am excited to get the pretty pink re-texture for my player and potential new quest. For all of us lovers of this game it is great to see interest continue/
  10. The part I failed to say in my last post was how great the concept of this mod is. I really like the mod. Don't expect that this helps at all but while my current game does not have amputator installed it was previously installed and may have a remnant. My plan is to check to see what version that is. In my game the enforcers started simply taking away my license, but I play to avoid them. With the upgrade they fined me for that. I lover the mod, thank you for making it, and hope that it progresses.
  11. When I updated the mod, my player can no longer equip weapons or magic. I am just trying to figure out if the mod is doing this, how it operates or what I do to reverse the effect. I have an arena mod running with a quest open which may be causing the effect. There are too many mods running in my game to easily tell. Also would help if someone knows of other mods that cause the effect. Thanks.
  12. Finally installed the Slaver's Spellbook and you have done it again. It is fabulous and somehow you can find a way to combine it with QAYL. I would love to reload my special waiting save, go to the estate only to find that I was being branded and controlled like never before. How could that work. Oh as far as the book goes I think that twisted, Wizard in Markath should have it, controlling the other wizard and hording the book. Or even the Jarl could be under his power. Some sort of adventure. You took on some stellar projects, maybe even too much sometimes, but what great mods. Thanks for improving my game.
  13. A unifying way to effect the body is needed in my game. I use Sexlab Procreation and devious training along with a whole group of devious mods. Have really enjoyed Devious Training which has worked well for me. I am going to watch for a bit to see what people experience before modifying my game due to having to start new players based both upon mod upgrades and a set use of animations. This may really be a great progression in Skyrim modding. Thanks for making this mod!
  14. When I open the zip files, the last version that I have an .esp file for is 5.3. If you uninstall as usual in NMM 5.3 and install the upgrades there should be nothing. So when I read above manual installation of the script files for update that seem logical. I am deciding whether to simply try to revert or to add scripts. This is just something I noticed: not really sure as to what will fix this to make the mod move forward. We really need the person that prepared the update to provide installation instructions.
  15. Gore mods are needed that can make a switch of texture hopefully with a simple animation compatible with SOS which allows for a bloody castration stump and then neutered victims. This would allow for multiple role playing games incorporating castration with its gore. The mods would include as a base immersion for: 1. For victims of rape mods to capture males and seek revenge, 2. Femdom players enslaving males in Paradise hall type mods to make neutered males,raped or, 3. Hunting of male or futa females and revenge acts for attacked castrated players. This could be some true gore with potential gore and healing. Pregnancy and castration mods seem to be out there so far that non one will carry them out and yet there is a place for such mods. Imagine a hunt club mod where you could hunt slaves for money with castration, gore, and cannibalism involved. Imagine your character being hunted.
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