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  1. So I'm having a big problem where her quests do not start, worse still, I'm in her custom chasttiy belt and there's no way to remove it now without the quest! Is there any way to reset it or forcibly remove it via the console? Startquest command didn't seem to work on anything I tried.
  2. Sweet! In the meantime then, is there a list of all the new features/gear added in dev that you need us to test in this dev build? I've found various different new fangled items in it, but I can't be sure I've seen everything since I'm just pushing buttons in the console.
  3. Are you still after ideas/suggestions? for the mod? The thing that I've been waiting for for a while is getting chains attaching the sides of a belt to the thighbands, since that's a thing you can do with real ones, and it would also explain why the thigh cuffs don't fall down (Because they totally would).
  4. Could be that your skeleton mod needs to be lower in the load order. Skeletons aren't part of load orders. They're just files in your meshes directory. Either way, fixed it, I didn't have all of the right bits from the XP32 skeleton loaded in, fixed using the highly scientific method of "keep trying ones until it worked"
  5. Basically getting this unsightly stuff where the breast and hip nodes seem to remain stationary when performing animations, leading to some horrifying inside-out-boob problems. I remember seeing this before, and I can't for the life of me remember how I fixed it.
  6. Are there any additional prereqs for these development builds? I've done a complete reinstall, got a minimal release version of DD working with its own prereqs, with cursed loot and expansion on top, this loads up fine. Yet the moment I add the development DDi to my install I get a crash to desktop just after the bethesda logo. I've tried various load orders to see if I'm not going mad, but it's definitely the dev DDi, I switch back to the release version and it works immediately. EDIT: Ah, I've been informed that I might need the DLCs to make the latest dev versions work. Can I get confir
  7. Okay, now I got the plug dialogue option to appear after putting her in all of her restraints, added the plugs, and they visible appear, but the controller doesn't work, saying they're not inside her.
  8. Sorry to quote myself, but does anyone else know what the requirements are to do this? This has been answered ad nauseum in this thread already. No it hasn't. I've searched and the answer is "belt her and collar her first", and I have, like I said. Not sure if it's relevant, but the option to lock a full set of chastity gear onto sasha is always available to me, even if I've just selected it. I opened a new toy box beforehand to ensure I had everything I needed in my inventory first.
  9. Sorry to quote myself, but does anyone else know what the requirements are to do this?
  10. Can someone tell me which dialogue tree it is to add Sasha's vibes? I have her collared and belted, the items in my inventory, but it seems every dialogue tree doesn't contain the option, even though I can see the dialogue for it in the console (So it's definitely installed).
  11. Getting this weird issue where I've added everything from DCL 5.8 into my installation, overriding the 5.6 version, and yet, every time I load up, it says 5.6 is installed. Even if I load a save from before DCL was installed, it still says 5.6 has been initialised. What could be causing this? EDIT: Ignore me, I'm being a turnip.
  12. So question regarding plugs and Sasha, is it possible to plug her at all? I notice that doing the Sasha dialogue doesn't have plugs listed, and I can't add them normally by giving them to her (Although a Cursed loot event can do so). I thought it might be fun to be able to just make her orgasm or edge Sasha on command via the menu. Or you know, she might do the same to you if you let her belt you.
  13. Damn those boots look good. This thread is rapidly turning into a tease and denial thread. Which I guess is fitting, since it's on a part of a forum for people into bondage and chastity devices.
  14. If it goes under the jacket. Won't the jacket's crotchstraps clip through?
  15. Woah, it's got an inbuilt corset part to it too? Sweet. Does it go under or over the straitjacket?
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