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  1. Hey, I was browsing through here and tried the G-Series out today (which are awesome, btw) and I wonder if there will be a Male on Male series for those who like to have that. I know it takes time to create a mod like this and it would make the mod bigger, so don't feel pushed ._. Love this mod, thank you so much =D
  2. Hello, I've been trying for 3 days now to fix my problems regarding sexlab. I use Sexlab Romance and have all the required Mods installed. I don't know if I missed to check something, but I am very sure that the FNIS animations are not working at all. I have the latest versions of sexlab and FNIS. Log file is in the downloads, because I am not allowed to post links. (duh...) I would appreciate every kind of help. Best Regards, Van.
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