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  1. Discovered what was causing it - For some reason, the version of the mod "thief" I was using made the PC do various emotions. I went to the modpage and downloaded the most recent version, and that seems to have fixed it. Now I can finally continue my playthrough, without annoyance.
  2. I've never done E-stim, but the idea of in-game experiences affecting me IRL sounds great. Especially the thing about Devious Devices.
  3. So neither of these solutions worked. Christ, trying to find out whatever bumfuck mod is causing this to happen is gonna be hell b/c it's not consistent.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but Turning it off doesn't change anything. I don't see why it would. The emotions are changing like in the mod Random Emotions, but much more gradual. After disabling half my mods, it seemed fixed. So I re-enabled them bit by bit, until I had all my mods re-enabled again. But the problem didn't occur again? Or so I thought. After a small bit of gameplay, it started happening again and I haven't got a fucking clue why. Maybe there's SOMEHOW loose files in the actual game folders in Steam? Or maybe its something with my settings? Tomorrow I'm going to
  5. I am looking for whatever mod is automatically changing my character's expression. It is something currently installed, but I have been unable to figure out what is causing it, short of painstakingly disabling half my mods (while still keeping them functional). At first I tried disabling Expressive Facial Animation, but that didn't fix it. I can't seem to find any other mods whose name relate to facial expressions, except for mfg console. Also I do not have Random emotions installed, so that isn't it. Whenever I use the mfg console to change my character's expression, the unknown mod will
  6. Now that you mention it, that was probably the issue. I think I may have tested it while configuring settings in the alternate starts cell, and then I jumped to cancel the animation. It didn't cross my mind that jumping to cancel the animation, rather than doing it via the menu, would cause an issue. I've already started a new playthrough, but now I know in the future to avoid using jump to cancel animations.
  7. I've narrowed it down. Either I did something wrong in SL Survival settings (most likely), or something went wrong with my save. If there was a "reset to default settings" button in SL survival, then I'd be able to tell if its the save or its the settings. It would also be a great help to fix a save where I screwed up the settings. But assuming its the settings, I don't know what I did wrong. My character was fully clothed, NPCs weren't stalking me, and I even turned the 'hello' range down to 0 and 10 to see if that would fix it. Even then, one npc at a time (sometimes the same one in a
  8. Before I started experiencing the strange bug I mentioned earlier, I used it with Apropos2 and it worked fine.
  9. Hi, I am experiencing a strange bug when using this mod. Every time I go outside, the nearest NPC bolts over to me and starts slapping me, basically every second. I tried disabling bump spanking and sex spanking (even though i wasn't having sex, was just standing there), but that doesn't fix it. I went into Sexlab Survival's settings and disabled any spanking I could find as well, and that didn't fix it. I saved and reloaded with spanking still off to see if that might update it or something, but nope they were still spanking. I made sure to update to the newest version and load af
  10. I can't seem to get this mod to work. Is this because I'm doing something wrong, or is it because this mod needs an update? (I am aware the original creator is no longer updating mod) EDIT: Nevermind, I installed SLAL - Animations By Leito and it works. The soul gem gets replaced by a horn when I use it, though.
  11. Late reply but the QQQ thing works, with the amount of mods I have I save often enough that instantly quitting the game usually works fine, thanks! It would be a lot more convenient with an auto save&quit mod though
  12. Since I both live with other people and have sex mods, I only ever play Skyrim late at night. But if I were to have some way to quicksave and immediately quit to OS at the hit of a button, I'd be able to play in the daytime too. If someone opens my door or knocks, I'd be able to hit that button and immediately be doing something like watching YouTube or looking at memes. I can't imagine it would be that hard to make. I know its a little more complicated than this but all you'd have to do is tie a hotkey to whatever gets called when the "quit to desktop" button is clicked. I'm not
  13. So I tried out TDF prostitution. While it does have the base Idea of what I want to achieve, none of the dance animations are something I'd consider a stripper dance. But I did see that the mod has an option for custom animations. I looked at the TDF prostitution page figure out how to add a custom animation to the mod, but I'm having a little trouble. First of all, I need to find a stripper dance animation somewhere that I can use. Second, I'm not so sure I understand how to add said dance animation. So I guess I have two questions: 1. Where can I find a stripper dance animat
  14. I am looking for a strip-club esque mod. As in I'm looking for something that is basically Radiant Prostitution, but with the change that you get paid to work as a stripper. Like the job would be dancing for people in skimpy clothing, with gold being given to the PC at random times as if people are throwing you their tips. Every now and then people will ask for a private dance and pay you extra. Then during the private dance there's a small chance they'll either ask for sex or try to force sex and you can resist like in Sexlab Defeat. Then the other features of the mod would be eve
  15. I'm looking for a mod that changes the settings in the sexlab animation editor so that different races will be aligned. It's always so painful to re-adjust my breton everytime she fucks a non-breton. It doesn't sound like it would be too difficult (with knowledge of how to mod), Like instead of manually adjusting all the animation heights for each race, you could give each race a height and automatically adjust the animation based on the difference between actor height.
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