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  1. Damn never heard of Maximum CBBE until now. Shits pretty sick, especially the "inner part". OP is a legend. Dont care about "fair use" or being pol correct, sorry but no moral froggery over here.
  2. Also noticed all piercings except the soul gem ones arent working properly for CBBE. Damn seems like UNP version is infinitely more stable, probably because CBBE LE is different than CBBE SE and UNP stayed the same.
  3. Its catsuit too but the TBBP catsuit version, the regular catsuit is fine tho and yeah the zipsuit is scuffed too. Everything else is fine.
  4. Doing your method plus downloading the NEW CBBE bodyslide files worked even with full body sliders. Thanks brotha appreciate it. OPs should replace main download files to make it easier. Tho the zipsuit and catsuit are still weird, but i guess the new cbbe bs files arent still complete?
  5. Seems that method only works if your custom body does NOT use any of the "full body" CBBE sliders like (7B lower, old shape etc). Tried it on a body without using mentioned sliders and yeah most of the outfits are fine except the Zipsuit and 1 or 2 others were scuffed. This happens if your custom body uses "full body" sliders btw Every part that full body sliders affects gets like warped and fucked up, upper body in this case. But the parts that werent affected by full body sliders remain fine, the butt.
  6. Yo are the outfits broken for CBBE? When i go to build them in Bodyslide my custom body totally changes and preset tab is unclickable? Made sure i pressed CBBE in installer and even reinstalled the game. All other non DD CBBE outfits work fine tho Normal working outfit with my CBBE custom body: DD outfits (totally changes the body and makes preset tab unclickable)
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