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  1. I like this but some of the stuff in the MCM is unreadable and i end up not knowing what a lot of those features do. Needs a more clear wording with more info and better English other than that its pretty good.


    Also when i start a new game it starts my char naked, prob some setting influencing it

  2. @JBpy Figured a workaround for the overrides. When you choose one and get the brown face you gotta switch character preset then switch back. Tested with default Bethesda presets "face 1" then i switched to face2 then back to 1 and the brown face was gone but the override has stayed. So weird and random also with that patch its the same. I guess its good enough that body tattos and now overrides kinda work. I can do without face tats

  3. @wdaigle Exact same thing happens to me but im using 8k body with 4k face. Body tattoos work fine, skin overlays create this exact "brown face" that @g2798484 posted and face tats dont show up at all. Im aware its because of the resolution incompatibility but still sucks how you have to choose between high resolution skin and sick tats+overlays. Any workaround or are you forced to choose?

  4. 11 hours ago, sparowe said:

    Think I can get the converted version? I've been trying myself without any luck!

    Sure, ran it through NIF optimizer (separated head parts), converted esp to form 44 and deleted like 5 or 6 Oldrim HDT PE hairs that were unsalvageable since SSE doesnt support HDT hairs only wigs. 


    In racemenu (character creation) is stable but the followers arent. Also remember to use facial hair slider if some hair havent got hair on the front.


    Anime race scuffed SSE conversion.7z



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