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  1. was hoping to get the Troublemaker outfit converted ^ link: - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57257 i unfortunately don't have the means to do it myself. can provide before/after femaleupperbody nifs if needed. (i think theres an old oblivion converter out there that required these. is there something simlar for fallout?) T6BB doesn't seem to have a lot of conversions yet sadly. thanks ahead of time!~
  2. for those timing out on the download, try a different browser. i usually use chrome but it never ran the dl even though i usually use it on this site and elsewhere. after i dusted off firefox for the first time in years it dled no problem. dunno why. simple enough to try though.
  3. I haven't, but i'll take a look! I also found a fun one where the hideout is a boat, and you can move it between some of the cities.
  4. been browsing the Nexus for something appropriate but nothing quite hits what im after. Something like a ruin or cave i can base a 'crew' of CM Partners based NPCs out of. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. in fact avoiding fancy is kind of the point, livable but run down. anyone know something like that? i'll still be looking but ideas might save me some time.
  5. these are perfect, thank you! even has BBB and everything, they look great. wish i could do something other than just say thanks. you rock!
  6. Im perfectly content using these files as boot and lower, tiny differences dont bother me as long as it looks right, and it does. Thank you for making them. I made the lattice, and tried converting the top and gloves again but still get the uv map issue so i have to assume im the one doing something wrong, idk. I'm happy to just wait and see if you decide to try to do it because its getting too frustrating for me. I dont even care which hgec breast size anymore i just want one that *works* and then i can play around from there.
  7. i'm afraid i don't know what to do with these files. So the first two are for the conversion 'lattices', right? and its 3 armor pieces in 1? So i should take these and use them on the top, bottom and glove armor files of the original mod to convert them to hgec? if thats right, i should be able to do that. for the second two, are those ready to put in my meshes folder or do they need to be converted as well? after renaming to the switched out files. thanks for your patience with all my questions. ** okay yeah the two bottom files work great, thank you! i'll see if i can get the others to work now. *** same issue as before on the top and gloves after trying to use those top two files as lattice files. for now i'll just wait for you to have some time to try, because i'm not making progress.
  8. well i never pretended to know what i was doing. i dont know if the armor says what roberts female it uses. i think there is two. Slof has always been pretty vague on specifics with non-male items. and theres so many because i thought that was what was required. ive literally never used these tools before, things that seem obvious to you might not be for me. for example, assuming i get the green robe working right, i dont know how to set paths for the other colors. i dont know how to use all 4 parts in 1 nif. if you decide to try it id be extremely appreciative, i'm just going to do without for now. might play around and see what i can do but i dont see myself making progress at this point. i noticed a "padding" option on one of the programs that might help with the boot clipping.
  9. sure, here's what i've got. from what i can tell, everything but this UV map thing is correct, like the shape is right and all. oh, and its HGEC C cup w/ BBB and LL lower if that helps. idc if the BBB works though frankly, as long as it just looks right. i'm after the GREEN robes in particular but uploaded all of them just in case it helps. body to convert from - femaleupperbody.niffemalelowerbody.niffemalehand.niffemalefoot.nif body to convert to - femaleupperbody.niffemalelowerbody.niffemalehand.niffemalefoot.nif armor convert from - asfemaleelaboraterobetopred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetoppurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetopgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetopblue.nif asfemaleelaboraterobeskirtred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtpurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtblue.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovered.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovepurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovegreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobegloveblue.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootpurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootblue.nif personal results - asfemaleelaboraterobetopred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetoppurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetopgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobetopblue.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtpurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeskirtblue.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovered.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovepurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobeglovegreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobegloveblue.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootred.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootpurple.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootgreen.nifasfemaleelaboraterobebootblue.nif
  10. i think this is the issue, i just dont know how to get this HGEC version over to the converted version, though im going to keep trying. apologies for needing to be babysat through this, i just cant find the information anywhere.
  11. yeah idk how it happened, cuz im pretty well flying blind. i tried getting nifskope earlier but their downloads page appeared to be down, i'll see if i can find a source elsewhere and look into it. appreciate all the replies by the way. would 'disabling UV search' make this happen? i did this after i read something that implied it might be what i need to do, but i'll try again without changing this setting to see if this was an error on my part. ** yeah that wasnt it, that just made everything jagged and stretched again. time to go find a nifskope link that works.
  12. so i think i got it to work in the mesh shape department, but the textures still look like it's using Roberts instead of HGEC. like the armor looks fine but the character textures underneath are wrong. i'm not sure how to fix this but i'm still trying.
  13. yeah i'm gonna play with it a little, im just not 100% sure what messing around with it will do. i've always been a 'learn by doing' type though so hey.
  14. so the clothing converter seemed to work well for the boots and gloves of the outfit but was really screwy with the lower and upper body parts. lots of stretched jagged edges. if i was going to venture a guess itd be because it sounds like its more intended for conversions of same 'type' bodies, like HGEC to DRMA, things that use the same textures, or something along those lines, and Roberts to HGEC was just too different, or maybe that the outfit itself just has too much detail, or shape to it. i guess i'll try poking around nifskope tomorrow, or try again in the morning. Would still prefer to get help from someone who knows better what theyre doing, but this is passing the time at least.
  15. well i suppose i have nothing better to be doing locked in my house all day. Thanks for the advice~
  16. after digging around, i found there are female versions of the above version in the male clothing mod, but slof has always used Roberts female for their mods and this hasnt changed here. Is there a non-edited conversion anywhere?
  17. well if its a Slof mod, i can check their personal site at least. I'll check now. edit:: that was definitely it, albeit a less adult version. The above picture is far more in theme with the original male robes. Id prefer that version tbh. if i knew anything about editing meshes id do it myself buuut i don't. Don't suppose anyone could replicate it?
  18. Just wondering where i can get this outfit. the mod the screenshot is on is pretty old, i didn't bother asking there since no ones posted since 2011 anyway. This gear would be perfect for a character i have in mind, any advice welcomed. original nexus page here - https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/13637?tab=description
  19. Gentlemen, help please! I have the same issue. The solution was simple Installed the newest SexLab Framework and everything started working i'm already using v1.57. i don't think this is my problem. i suppose i should say that once i get knocked over it's the npcs (bandits in this case) that aren't doing anything. they either stand there and stare, or go back to what they were doing before i got knocked over. they return to being aggressive when i get back up.
  20. Gentlemen, help please! I have the same issue. The solution was simple Installed the newest SexLab Framework and everything started working i'm already using v1.57. i don't think this is my problem.
  21. mines having a problem where my character is knocked over, i'm prompted to resist, and then i get back up without doing anything every time, and the npc continues knocking me over. i run out of HP eventually and die. sorry if this one has been solved already but i don't want to sort through 200 pages.
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