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  1. Can anybody help me? I just got a new desktop recently and installed Skyrim SE a few days ago. I ran SSE and made it out of Helgen and now i'm at Riverwood. Base game works flawlessly. I downloaded some necessary mods from Nexus using MO2 (Mod Organizer 2) and SKSE64 2_00_19 from Silverlock. My Skyrim SE version is 1.5.97 SKSE is installed properly, I know how to do it . So here's the problem, I used the MO2 in admin mode and tried to launch SKSE via its loader with Steam running in the background but it crashes after command prompt. I even disabled all mods but it still crashes. I tried running without MODS installed but it still crashes. FRESH installed steam and Skyrim SE at a 100GB Partitioned Drive with only SKSE64 installed, NO other mods but still Crashes. Disabled Windows Defender, no other AV installed but it still crashes. Added to Skyrim SE and all other processes related to it to Firewall exclusions but it still crashes. Yes, I ran I SKSE_loader.exe as Admin, even MO2, but it still crashes. I used LOOT to properly organize the LOAD ORDER every time I add or remove mods. Sometimes it works with ALL the mods enabled like 1 out of 20 tries. I don't get it. I can attach the SKSE dump if requested. SKSE log shows this: WARNING: something has started the runtime outside of skse64_loader's control. Can anyone explain what is happening here? The feeling is like lighting a lighter without knowing if its full or not , most of the time it doesn't work but sometimes it does. If it does work, how many thumb work did it use. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Cheers!
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