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  1. How do u start an animation with the ones that have animations? Like an ant? lol
  2. Im having problems with pregnancy my character wont get pregnant even with ova and max fertility and sperm. I also tried using the invitrofertilization mod it says my character is pregnant but nothing happens and when I check using the medical scanner it says my character isnt pregnant. Im using the mannequin race if that might have something to do with it and the bnb body.
  3. Is there a way to have my character always have ova using mcm?
  4. Same happens to me when using a male character. It doesnt happen all the time for me tho
  5. 6.0.3 fixed it but I have a bug that whenever I finish an animation the jizz on an npc just disappears. Idk if it has to do with some mcm setting I dont think it is because I haven't tweaked anything other then the amount of jizz lol.
  6. How do you get a companion pregnant? trying to get the mod companion vanessa pregnant but it doesnt work.
  7. Man I was really hoping it would work. Hopefully they find a fix.
  8. Yea I dont think they fixed it because I can't play any animations after I play one once. Not only that but the mcm spunk menus options are mixed up like the options are missing or the text is inside another options name (that probably didnt make sense)
  9. I think it is working but whenever I do the masturbation key it says aborting actor is invalid code 1. Does this have to do with the problem with the arrays? I am using a custom race if that has anything to do with it.
  10. I dont really know what that means lol but does that mean they can/will fix it?
  11. I also noticed in the discord that many people are experiencing problems with mods that use arrays so that might be whats the problem
  12. Also found this in the github of xNVSE maybe this could help find the problem? Because this guy sounds like he knows what he saying. https://github.com/xNVSE/NVSE/issues/17
  13. SexoutSCRLog-2021-1-14-18-49.txtSexoutSpunk-Log--2021-1-14-18-49-0.txt Here are some log files I got them to be made from the mcm menu.
  14. Ok thanks for lmk. when might we get spunk/sexout to work with xNVSE? Sorry if I sound impatient.
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