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  1. I just swapped some files around to be honest. I forget exactly what files they are now, but if you dive into the folders for her character model you can swap bits and pieces of her if you want.
  2. Don't really get the "Back in Time" part. Forward in time, if anything.
  3. It CAN, but it isn't that simple. There are 4 different Jill models in the game as far as I can tell, and this only replaces one of them. I had some small success with getting this to appear in some cutscenes, but typically it either just doesn't work or it crashes to desktop. I'm sure someone more capable than me could make it work consistently
  4. Wow, that's really good. What exactly is the difference between this one and the paid one?
  5. Not Excella nude, but I have a Jill nude mod here. Not that dumb Black Widow mod either, straight up naked. I would love to get that nude Excella mod, or even maybe a nude Rebecca. Jill Battlesuit Nude.rar
  6. While I appreciate your wit, can I humbly request that you instead actually explain the thing this person did wrong rather than just insult someone for asking? That kind of approach would also qualify you to be an excellent congressman. I am genuinely confused by this, and you can either insult me for no reason or you can explain it to me so that I do understand.
  7. I'm sorry, what? The OP asked for something, and this person provided the link. How is that advertising? This entire board is nothing but advertising by those standards.
  8. Woah, where did you get that full nude 2B mod for Nier? Best we ever got was skimpy DLC outfit and kind-of-but-not-really nude normal outfit.
  9. Genuinely surprised there is still no futa Claire mod, tbh. We have nude Leon, and we have nude Claire. All the variations on the same mod in this thread and no one ever combined those two.
  10. Try the sneaking skill from the Assassin Blood Code, might nullify sound enough to run up on people.
  11. I mean, if people can plant nipples on the model then I don't see why they couldn't fill in the gaps on the model itself.
  12. So Code Vein comes out tomorrow/tonight and one of its best features is its incredibly robust character creation system. I'm just getting this inevitable topic out of the way now so that when the nude mods start rolling in we know where to find them. Looking forward to them!
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