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  1. Pretty sure the stepping stone for this game was Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy and Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura. The creators name seems different, but from the animations and style of the game it should be the same thing.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to hate on the mod, unless you can offer a different one. Other than that hate on any mod you want. All modding has to start somewhere, most of it is limited by tools and the game, so complaining that some things got changed and some didn't is.. meh.
  3. The Wild Nudity Project on nexus seems to have separate file for Shani. Can't test this atm, sorry if that's wrong.
  4. Looks like someone editing bodies for skyrim with blender? MTF - Male to female transfomation I'd assume SOS - schlongs of skyrim most likely
  5. Have you tried using script merger? Maybe there's some errors with other mods. Before posting about it I tried using it, and it worked properly.
  6. "Geralt Doppler Reborn" on nexusmods is what you're looking for most likely Edit: You can mix and match heads with different types of bodies, including the ones with nudity.
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