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  1. Nice conecpt. I'm looking forward to how this mod will develope. P.s. Tested it with SE. It's seems to run without problems.
  2. Found a rather strange error. Every time I approached Bruca's Leap Redoubt my game would CTD. I deactivated my entire modlist, started a new save file, reload a few mods, restart the game and approached the place again. Rinse and repeat, as soon as I activated Beastess, it crashed again. I deactivated the Forsworn Beastesses, but it still crashed. With no other mods active spawning enemies (thought those Forsworn Beastesses to be the fault), I'm not sure what could cause this. Hope someone else can test this too, figuring out if this is a mod conflict or a problem with Sexlab Beastess it
  3. No modder myself, but it seems to work as it is in SSE. Main features worked for me, at least. But forgot to test the breast ropes. Would be glad if someone could double check this.
  4. I feel like I missed something really stupid, but I've tried to update DCL to 8.3 since I was using 6.4 for a while now. Despite testing it on a complettly new save and having the same setup as with 6.4 in MO, DCL 8.3 doesn't detect NIoverride, even after I updated Racemenu. I tried to check the requirements via the zip-file names, so I BELIEVE the requirments are up to date. Does anyone else encountered this error in the past?
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