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  1. hello, say someone could help me with this mod, I have it backport from SE to LE with cathedral and nifscope but mod organizer tells me that the ESP is not made for LE, it works but I fear possible bugs if I leave it like thatSN Cicero Reina Replacer 1.1 ESL backport cbbe costume custom english vostfr indis.rar 848412137_SNCiceroReinaReplacer1.1ESLbackportcbbecostumecustomenglishvostfrindis.rar
  2. Ma Ri ah okay I didn't know that this was a modification I thought that a mod had escaped me, if it is to remove pieces of the armor I know how to do it and change the color should not be very difficult, thanks for the answer
  3. Alessia Wellington Its not the same, wrong color and slightly different armor, I wonder if I should modify this myself
  4. hi, help please elisif by shelob https://cafe.naver.com/elderscrolls7/965896 has already been posted but the link has expired for LE please
  5. Tron91 oh it's works many thanks, i recognized my basic aio body straight away lol, so i guess the problem was with hika serana's body? strange seranaholic nor any other replace (I had to try all those of the nexus xD) never had a problem with that, in any case thank you very much
  6. @harvald does not work either I was looking for it and I tried to clone it with "are you there" but qtill does not appear in my game, MO2 does not notify me of any conflict, I wonder if there are any requirements
  7. Hi, I can't make work "LE hika_serana" of the page 141, she does not appear in my game, someone give me some advice? or a version of the mod that works>< thanks
  8. johntrine "i am pretty sure there is only transparent stockings in that armor mod." look at the photo I posted 😛 for the sound if the conversion is redone from cbbe mode there is none, the person who made the conversion had to add it, same for the chest who is smaller in the original version, so just redoing from the cbbe version would be much simpler it seems to me
  9. johntrine A version UUNP without huge chest, with the original black stocking and not transparent stocking and without strange sounds add? I spent a lot of time looking everywhere though where is she? i want her xD
  10. hello, could someone convert me from "CBBE NPR China Dress" to UUNP please? there is a version on LL but the stockings are transparent, the chest is much too big and there are strange sounds add *-* thanks
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