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  1. Hello. I originally posted this in the LE section by mistake. I've now since deleted it and reposted here. For a while I've been looking for a specific outfit from the NieR series ported for SSE but I've had no real luck finding it. I'm talking about A2's Destroyer Outfit from NieR: Automata's DLC (3C3C1D119440927). The closest I got was some weird retexture of it made by someone named COCO where the model was also slightly different. That one is of no use to me as I want the original look of the outfit (even if the textures are upscaled). There is always a chance that I've missed something somewhere but I've been doing general searches around for it for a while. Do let me know if thats the case. It is a female variant of the outfit of the main protagonist from NieR: Replicant (which is a remaster of the original old NieR game, so I would assume that it has higher quality model and textures). This one could be used as the male variant if both can be ported for SSE. I'm mainly interested in the Destroyer outfit for female but I suppose the male variant would be a nice addition. I would also be super, super grateful if the cloth piece hanging from the back has HDT physics. Even though I assume that its harder/more time consuming to do, it would really complete the port for me and make it more enjoyable to play with. I'm a real sucker for physics and HDT in Skyrim. I use CBBE in SSE, if that matters but I assume that others can probably adapt it for other body type mods once it has been initially ported. Just to be clear - I am looking for a port directly from NieR: Automata to SSE, not from LE to SSE. Cheers.
  2. As you can see I do not have an edit button anywhere. I would see it if it existed. I assume it has to do with my account being new. I also cannot change my profile picture yet for example.
  3. I have the following installed: CBBE hdtSSEPhysics_1_5_80 hdtSSEFramework_1_5_80 hdtSSEHH_1_5_39 (High Heels, though this one gives me an in-game error every time I load into a save file, telling me that I am not running the game with SKSE64 which I am.) CBP-C CBP Physics Immersive CBP Config XPMSSE BodySlide and Outfit Studio Yes, you are correct but there are ways to unlock it and preserve the physics and that's what I've done. After an hour of trying to figure it out, I just ended up deleting "cbbe-tbbp.xml" from the "hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs" folder and it fixed the entire problem. I still have the desired breasts, butt and skirt physics but they don't go crazy anymore and I have my unlocked 144fps. I also installed https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16380 and now it works perfect so far. (Hair isn't supposed to have physics, right?) Are there any SSE mods for Nier weapons where they float behind your back when holstered? I've seen it on LE but I haven't found any ports for SSE.
  4. Ok, I am very sorry for double posting but I really miss an edit feature on this forum. I was able to get everything to work seemingly flawlessly thanks to your instructions and a lot of googling around for mod downloads. Now the only other issue I have is that the breasts and butt physics are going crazy even when I am standing completely still. I have discovered that this is caused by my fps being uncapped from 60, even when I cap it to 144 (which is my desired fps). Any known fixes for that and if not is there a way to disable the breasts and butt physics and only keep the skirt ones on or some kind of compromise decision?
  5. Okay, I will look into all of that, thanks a lot. What about the one that was ported by Rektas to SSE and was on the Nexus? Does that one not work better/out of the box? Does anyone have it saved? Why was he banned to begin with?
  6. Hello, everyone. I have no idea if I am asking in the right thread. I am new around here and I am interested in dint's Nier Automata Armor sets mod but for SSE. I know it was converted by someone but they got banned from the nexus or something. I apologise, I have not been following on any of that or the reasons it happened. I've been looking around for like 5 hours now but I couldn't find an exact answer to that, whether anyone has the converted version which was on the nexus for SSE at some point. I am also wondering if it supports physics with HDT or whatever else. I did manage to find a file on here shared by @CrysisWar1234 which is for CBBE and has physics working but I don't assume that works for SSE because when I applied it, all the clothing pieces (except for the skirt and the hair+mask) were in my character's feet and also, the boots are appearing as a giant red error (which might be my fault for installing it wrong). Also, the skirt has physics on it and is in the correct position so that works properly. So if anyone can enlighten me on this a bit more, I'd be very grateful.
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