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  1. Is there a way for female followers to automatically equip gear when outside the bounds of a nudity law?
  2. After pregnancy I lose the "milking" powers, but the breasts remain enlarged. Is this intended?
  3. It's compatible in the same way that any mod that adds loot to the leveled lists is compatible.
  4. So, apparently I screwed up. Slaverun ended up being started via Simple Slavery++, leaving the "A Mysterious Delivery" quest unfinished. Will I break anything if I finish A Mysterious Delivery after following the main slaverun quest for a while? Should I just ignore it?
  5. I had the first quest, but hadn't actually talked to the carriage driver yet, I was waiting for a good point to start the mod for real. However, after being sent to Simple Slavery++ and getting sent to a different mod outcome (Submissive Lola, if it makes a difference), the SLUTS intro quest suddenly marked itself as complete, and now I'm not getting an option to start the mod via innkeepers, stewards, or carriage drivers. Will I break anything if I just restart the quest via console commands? EDIT: I simply did the resetquest SLUTS_main console command, worked like a charm.
  6. Is it possible to "pause" the slaverun quests? They seem to blur into each other, making the whole "return every 7 days to bellamy" thing a little redundant. Is there a logical time to stop doing things for Pike and Mundas?
  7. The last time I played Slaverun was with the original version back in LE. Back then, it was known that if you installed Slaverun, you pretty much couldn't install any other mods (besides dependencies), could expect a really unstable playthrough, and the mod conflicted with virtually everything. Is this still the case? Do I need to be concerned about conflicts with mods like Legacy of the Dragonborn etc? I'm going to run it through xedit, but I might be wasting my time, not sure.
  8. Will this mod conflict with other mods that alter hold prisons?
  9. Is SD+ required as part of the actual start, or can Simple Slavery++ be used with a random outcome? I really want to use this alternate start, but SD+ is a hard pass for me.
  10. Both the link to Ashes, and the link to the Ashes Fixes go to the main Ashes page on nexus. Should I just download the GDrive file?
  11. Is the best way to install this currently to download the main file, then grab the Form 44 plugin that someone uploaded on the last page? And maybe add DocClox' script as well?
  12. Last question before I go about enjoying this exciting mod! Is there a specific plugin order for the ESP files that you recommend?
  13. Sorry for being dense... you are saying that we no longer need to have FPE in our load order, everything you need from that mod is now included with WDL?
  14. I deleted SKK and also went back to an earlier save. MCG still wasn't working. I didn't know MCG was abandoned. Did he say he was abandoning it? Sucks.
  15. So after uninstalling the new encounter mods and going back to an old save, MCG player defeat is still not working. How in the world is MCG "outdated, unsupported, and not compatible with any of the newer mods out there"? It was updated in April of last year, which is a hell of a lot more recently than the vast majority of both LL and Nexus mods. And age of a mod is not an indicator of compatibility with other mods...
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