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  1. I'm having the same problem. I wonder if it has something to do with the merging of masturbation based on this error on load that I get with only the main game modules, Harmony, Hugs, and RJW active: Could not find a type named rjw.WorkGiver_Masturbate_Quick Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean) Verse.ParseHelper:ParseType(String) Verse.ParseHelper:FromString(String) Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean) Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXmlReflection(XmlNode, Boolean) Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean) Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXmlReflection(XmlNode, Boolean) Verse.DirectXmlLoader:DefFromNode(XmlNode, LoadableXmlAsset) Verse.LoadedModManager:ParseAndProcessXML(XmlDocument, Dictionary`2) Verse.LoadedModManager:LoadAllActiveMods() Verse.PlayDataLoader:DoPlayLoad() Verse.PlayDataLoader:LoadAllPlayData(Boolean) Verse.<>c:<Start>b__6_1() Verse.LongEventHandler:RunEventFromAnotherThread(Action) Verse.<>c:<UpdateCurrentAsynchronousEvent>b__27_0() System.Threading.ThreadHelper:ThreadStart_Context(Object) System.Threading.ExecutionContext:RunInternal(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean) System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object, Boolean) System.Threading.ExecutionContext:Run(ExecutionContext, ContextCallback, Object) System.Threading.ThreadHelper:ThreadStart()
  2. I don't appear to be missing it:
  3. New game, captured a bandit. Notification pops up that a captor event is available. Clicking on the notification produces a crash, log below. LogFileFC.txt
  4. It looks to me like the second set of each of those events should be CE_advanced_sexual_capture CE_advanced_sexual_capture_settlement Theses events have also moved to DefaultCaptiveRequiredEvents.xml, which includes both male and female versions.
  5. I didn't have the split version either, but I disabled MCM in my game and I was able to load with CE, so I can confirm that it was at least contributing to the crash.
  6. This is the same crash event that Raistlin_ and I are getting. Your Bannerlord log is identical to mine at the point of the crash.
  7. I can be your guinea pig if you need. Have to go run some errands but I'll be back in about an hour
  8. I realized after I posted that blocked dlls were the reason for the lack of logs on the manual crash. I do use custom events but I won't install them until after the base CE mod loads. All tests were done using only the CE mod. Also worth noting that the 1402 version works just fine, it's only the 1403 and 1413 versions that don't. Going to try the 1412 version next. e:1412 also loads fine
  9. I'm getting the exact same crash on the 1403 and 1413 versions. The game refuses to load and the CE log files show no events. I know my events files are in the correct place. LogXML.txt
  10. Patience Padawan. Depending on BadListener's location it's still early in the day on the 16th.
  11. Just a quick warning: If you update CE using Vortex it will remove any non CE xml files and sprites. If you have custom files or have downloaded any custom files from other creators, back them up before allowing Vortex to update CE! Edit: Be sure you're actually backing up the files that Vortex hides in your user profile, not the symlinks that get put in your Bannerlord install location. Even if you put them in your Bannerlord install location modules folder, Vortex moves them and replaces them with symlinks.
  12. I'd like to see more 'captive gets used for sexual gratification' events for players both as captive and captor, and for both male and female players.
  13. Based on the error you're getting: "An item with the same key has already been added." I'd guess that you somehow have multiple copies of the Default CE events in your installed xml files. Edit: You should have 5 default xml files: DefaultCaptiveEventsFemale.xml DefaultCaptiveEventsMale.xml DefaultCaptorEventsFemale.xml DefaultCaptorEventsMale.xml DefaultSlaveryEventsFemale.xml
  14. DCC is bundled with an outdated version of Modlib. This breaks the Modlib UI of other more current mods, but doesn't do any real harm other than that. Neither DCC nor Modlib should have any effect on birthing.
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