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  1. I found an interesting bug, my character can only play the scene when he discovers Falkenring (after following the blood trail) correctly if I have already discovered Falkenring before, otherwise the game crashes. Before the save "Gloomy Falkreath".
  2. It seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you.
  3. No, I usually downloaded the files from the links on the mod page. To install them with the mod manager, the files must be loaded again for themselves. That is the problem. With the function "add mod from file"
  4. It affects all files, so both English and Russian versions.
  5. When I want to load the new (1.00.7) version of the mod with Nexus mod manager I always get the error message the download (from NMM) is incomplete). Does anyone know a solution for this, I have used both links from the mod page to download, but it makes no difference.
  6. After I set the karma value per console above 90 it worked, thanks
  7. What are the conditions to return to the old man for sex? Is there a karma requirement or how far you have to be? I would now have to do the funeral tasks at the Falkreath-chapter (Zoe sent me to Kust). I have decided to return to the Old Man. Talked to Hulda (offer of the 100 coins) and then went upstairs. However, my character goes out every time because he thinks something like "100 coins is not enough and he has more important things to do". What is the problem there? Do I have to go further in the Falkreath-Chapter or is it because of the karma value?
  8. After I have completely deleted Skyrim, reinstalled it and downloaded the file from thief again, the startup runs again without problems.
  9. I have the same problem, when I want to start a new run, I set it and the pc goes to it but nothing happens. The only thing i can do is to load an old memory, but then the same problem occurs, or kill the stranger per console, then the pc plays the next scene with the drinking and the snooze effect, but the stranger does not play any animation.
  10. I meant the "correct" English or German version of brewmasterhal or whoever else is doing the translations. I have only played the current version so I don't know how long this usually takes. So I wanted to know how long the time difference is usually. Greetings
  11. How much later can you expect the translations of the mod?
  12. Es wäre schön wenn auch Charaktere aus dragonborn mit in den mod eingearbeitet würden. Ich finde es sehr schade das man keine questreihe mit frea hat, die zum Beispiel der von serana ähneln könnte. Soweit ich das sehe ist dies bisher weder bei der Standard noch bei der extended Version der Fall.
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