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  1. Thanks @MrNicoras for keeping us updated on the issues you've faced with Horizon + AAF and how you resolve them, will hopefully help others that come along and see this. Did you end up using "clean Masters" command from FO4Edit on Wasteland Dairy to remove the AWKCR, or was it more involved than that?
  2. Since the issue is reproducible, if no one else has suggestions you could always do the 50 - 50 method of troubleshooting. Which is to say, if you disable half your mods, making sure that the ones you keep enabled also have their dependencies (other mod requirements) enabled, then test. if it crashes, disable by half again. once you get it to not crash enable a few mods at a time until it crashes again, keeping track of which mods you are enabling and ensuring that you are also enabling dependencies. Maybe that would narrow it down to the problem mod(s).
  3. Couple basic questions: Are you using a mod manager, and if so and it's Mod Organizer 2, are you running "Loot" and hitting the sort button afterwards? After sorting mods you'll need to probably manually sort your adult mods via the suggestions in the Up-To-Date Adult Guide. Does this happen mid way through a play through or on a brand new game? In other words, has this been a stable mod load and then all of a sudden it's crashing? Are you using Buffout?
  4. Awesome, thanks for the explanation. I hadn't noticed it so much before because I was playing on an easier mode so I would always send the captives to a settlement shortly after rescue. But now that I'm attempting Survival, I've taken to having them follow me around for a while to help. So I'll just send them to the showers then. I'm just glad there's an immersive way to get them clean
  5. I've been using Get Dirty + Additional Effects + Dirty Sex for a while now, and there's something I noticed before that I'm doing a little more checking into. I usually start a new game and configure Get Dirty to not apply to companions. But I notice that the settlers I rescue are often dirty. Sometimes this gets remedied but only if they have ropes on them. I take off their ropes and the dirt goes away. But in the x bar and Crosses the dirt stays on them. I tried something today, I told the first one I rescued to use the Shower from BYOP and she got squeeky clean. But later she got dirty again, and at the time our relationship was platonic So, I'm not sure if it's Get Dirty that's not respecting the flag to only apply to my character or what's going on with that but I thought it was interesting. This was happening even a few versions ago and it's probably got nothing specifically to do with this mod, but I thought I'd mention it and see if other people have noticed similar behavior. I'll have to do some testing with Piper tomorrow. Edit: Welp, there's a follower script update in the optional files for Get Dirty that is showing as uninstalled in MO, no idea what it does because the description doesn't tell me, and the source isn't included... Maybe it's a fix hmmm. Edit2: I'm learning new stuff, cool. There's a Pex file decompiler called Champollion that I'm going to try and use to check the difference in the 2 scripts
  6. I was having the same problem of short nuka ride scenes, so I changed the config file for AAF to 90 seconds, which fixed NR scene duration as well as SEU.
  7. I found the post explaining why it's no longer possible with Commonwealth Captives, but I don't have any solutions unfortunately.
  8. There are several different pages in Donttouchmethere's excellent blog that you ought to look at, the second guide deals with Sexlab (SL) mods. Particularly important is the stability guide they also have linked in the intro. You can navigate between the different sections on the right hand side of the page, 01, 02 etc. It starts here:
  9. Ah. Well the same bug could exist in both versions, because she develops them at the same time. The SE version came out basically the same day so you could check its support thread. The way I do it is usually pick out a keyword in the issue I'm having and hit Ctrl F4 and search each page going backwards through a support thread. but that's a little more difficult when there's 1000+ pages to go through...
  10. as found on the youtube comments on one of the videos about this mod https://mega.nz/file/xBlCRLzZ#EXQIauTeNyydOUzy3xG4DptukbZT_cNLq6iCrNonEDo Link works, I haven't tried the mod. This is the Lighthouse, maybe, I have no idea if the versions are compatible? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23881?tab=description
  11. If the issue you are facing is hostile DCL guards after arrest, there was apparently a known issue on the March 9th post, presumably from Kimy, but the post doesn't seem to exist anymore. So it's quite possible she deleted it. The latest version of DCL was posted 1 day later. Make sure you are using the latest version. If you are, you may want to ask in the thread. (Assuming you are using Legendary Edition, link below) Google gives me a blurb that I can't expand, and it gets cut off at the ellipsis. Page 767 is from 2019 and not 2021, so I'm not entirely sure what the heck is going on there:
  12. One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet, do you have Crash Fixes installed? If you do, but haven't set "UseOSAllocators=1" yet, give that a shot. There's instructions on the mod description page. Also double check the part about the pre-loader. I suggest this because I once had random combat crashing and that seemed to clear it right up.
  13. I forgot to mention that the other post I saw with the swf issues, they were trying to run Sim Settlements alongside Horizon and AAF among other mods that may also add swf files. So if you had also wanted to try Sim Settlements, perhaps better to leave that one off until you get a stable load order. Likewise it might be a good idea to keep track of how many mods being added also add swf files in case there is a limit, so you can have an easier time troubleshooting. You may also take care to read as much documentation as you can about what is included with Horizon, as some people have had issues when adding mods that are already covered by something included with Horizon and they end up with crashing and errors related to conflicts.
  14. Loot is ok, but it doesn't sort the adult mods correctly. So after you run it, use the suggested order in the guide for adult mods. But I wonder if your LOOT is working. Make sure it's putting the esm's toward the top of the plugin list. If it's not doing that, it might not be sorting. When I was using LOOT with MO2, I would run loot and then click the sort button above the plugin section. I don't remember if that's necessary or not... Bashed patch is good to look into but not absolutely required so try not to get bogged down with that before getting a handful of mods working It'll be a few hours before I can check the thread again but maybe someone else has tips. Cheers
  15. Here are a couple notes I see so far. - did you use any method of sorting your mods, like LOOT? Because I see esm files sprinkled throughout the list and those generally need to be right under the main game files, because they will be sometimes used as "masters" by other mods. - Check your mod managers conflicts column to see if there are any lightning bolts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if there are, but you'll want to check them out to see if you need to change a mods order. - MO2 has a left hand side and a right hand side, and both matter. In the left hand side, things that are higher priority (lower down towards the bottom of the list) can overwrite things with a lower priority (things that appear higher up on the list). It can be confusing at first. When I say low priority, look at the priority column and you'll see a number. Higher number = higher priority = overwrites conflicts that are lower priority. - Check the Notifications area to see if there are any flags there - Once you get your load order settled, look into how to do a "Bashed Patch". - Did you follow the up-to-date adult setup guide? - Not everything will show up in the MCM menu, that doesn't mean it's not installed. It's just that MCM for Fallout wasn't implemented for a little while, so some of the older mods will use "holotapes" and ini files for configuration. For example, AAF doesn't have an MCM menu, it uses a configuration file within the mod folder. Details are in the guide. There's also instructions for how to test things in there. You may want to just add 1 adult animation file at a time, and then test it. - When you start up a new game, are you getting the "AAF" pop up windows? - I would stay away from Farrelle's animations, because they have some display issues due to the evolution of the body mods. But you can try them if you want. - I wrote up something here that might interest you, it has some general modding tips. I would recommend just starting with like 4 or 5 mods, maybe 10 at the most, disable all the adult stuff, and get that to work first. - Something I left out of my little tips link, be sure to add this to your ini file (click for instructions): [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Let me know if you are still stuck after checking that stuff.
  16. Looks like your post got overlooked since this isn't the Fallout 4 section. Unfortunately the Videos of the Wasteland mod is pretty much "as is" currently. There are still people helping with support issues in the thread last time I checked. If you use it now, you may want to use the patch that gets rid of the "quest". I tried the quest last time I played through and it's unfinished and not possible to complete. It also edits the cell of that vault near the glowing sea. Although there is a bunch of free materials in there... Anyway, there are people here and there still adding videos to watch, if you search on LL you'll find several Adult movies and animations, and there's a few newer vids on Nexus too. You may want to stay away from "Good old Cartoons" though, pretty sure that broke some other votw mods last time I had it installed.
  17. Thanks for the link, I see now. The version that you have installed, "Crazy_Animations (Rug Version)" is not officially supported via the Up To Date Adult guide, therefore UAP has no support for it. There is only 1 other patch that I'm aware of ( Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum overlays, stages, fixes) ) which is not covered / supported in that guide, but it doesn't appear to support the 'rug version' either. Sorry I do not see a solution for your issue right now. Maybe someone else has a better answer.
  18. A couple more thoughts / shots in the dark: Are you using a custom race for your character? - Regardless if you are or aren't, one issue I've seen with equipping armors, if the race is missing from the Armor Addon section of the esp there will be issues although I don't recall if it just makes it so you can't equip it at all. The RNAM - Race field should say DefaultRace etc and then at the bottom in the Additional Races field there should be a bunch in there, including the race you are using. I found an armor once that was missing the Breton race from this section and adding it fixed the armor. Does it work in a completely new game? - If it works fine in a new game, you may have an invisible item on your character. - A caveat to this is something like a succubus race which may use a slot to display a tail or some such, in which case you may not want to go further until verifying if your custom race uses an armor slot for something - but if you aren't using a race that somehow uses an armor slot for a feature of the body, you can try the following **first make a backup copy of your current save files into another folder just in case!** - drop every single inventory item into a safe container (preferably a player house, if using Survival make sure it's a safe container with the MCM) - Quest items can't be dropped into containers, this is OK. - run console command player.removeallitems - try the "problem" item again. Basic things to double check when armor slots misbehave: - BSDismemberSkinInstance .nif file slots match Armor BOD2 - Biped Body Template - First Person Flags record in esp (Sometimes a nif doesn't have any slots defined, and that's OK) - Armor BOD2 - Biped Body Template - First Person Flags record matches Armor Addon BOD2 - Biped Body Template - First Person Flags (It's totally fine for the Armor Addon to list additional slots over and above what's listed in Armor, that just means that anything in those slots will be "hidden" but should remain on the character! However, the Slot listed under Armor must be listed under the same record in Armor Addon) - All appropriate Races are listed - Appropriate nif file is defined in the Armor Addon record (I've seen armor conversions that have gotten this wrong or are pointing to the wrong nif file) I just wanted to list all of that out as the basic things I'm aware of and try and check when weird 'stuff' happens with items getting unequipped or otherwise acting wonky. You may have already looked at that stuff, but it's also more for me listing it out to see if I can remember anything else. Perhaps someone can add to it if there's something I missed. I'm just a tinkerer with these things
  19. I just had a run through the support thread and saw a couple people trying to run it but weren't succesful it seems. there was a diffferent thread talking about Horizon + AAF and running too many .swf files, so be aware that there seems to be some limitations. Maybe some things will work but not everything? If horizons makes many world edits, you may have some incompatibilites with any adult mods that make edits in the same places. But feel free to try it! My suggestion is to follow this guide, add the animations 1 at a time and test each time before adding any other adult mods. Follow it carefully, 1 step at a time. If you can get AAF and an animation mod to work, go to the next animation mod. Then maybe once you have all the animations you want, add something like "Sex em Up". If any of them will work, probably that one. And perhaps Commonwealth Captives. If you get Horizons and AAF to work, try and report back here and let us know so the next person that finds your thread will have the answer. Or maybe someone will come by here soon and tell me I'm wrong and it doesn't work at all 😛 Ooops almost forgot the most important part: This thing here, this is what you want.
  20. What crazy rug mod are we talking about, can you link to it and post your load order in a spoiler?
  21. Thanks for the answer. If I end up moving forward with troubleshooting the issue further and find a cause I'll report back.
  22. I forgot the strangest part about this item removal issue, when I look at my pip boy it is also gone, as well as the arm in that view. The only way to get the pip boy back is with the following combination of console commands in this order: player.removeitem 00021b3b player.additem 00021b3b player.equipitem 00021b3b removeitem brings the arm back, additem puts the pip boy in your 'inventory' and equipitem equips it. Previously when I've had disappearing pip boy issues, such as with the shower from the pool mod, just doing the equipitem would fix it. But in this instance, it's getting removed sort of half way, so that you have to force the game to remove it again, add it again and equip it. Definitely one of the weirdest problems I've seen so far and not sure where to start with debugging it except to go mod by mod, which seems like a very large task when I can just use a work around but dumping my items in the can, force my pip boy to equip again and fish my stuff out of the rocket bin Edit: Is the dance scene required for progression or can it be skipped and still get to the end of pornstar quest?
  23. Honestly I'm not sure what mod the leather armor is from. It was one of the mods in the Beginner's Guide when I started modding Fallout in May. The thought I had this morning was to disable Violate and test again because that has an item removal feature for surrenders. But if that doesn't change the outcome, I may just throw all my armor in that rocket shaped trash can near the elevator, do the scene and retrieve it afterwards. Unless this behavior starts happening somewhere else, I just don't think I want to go through the effort to troubleshoot it right now since it's not really breaking anything significant. I'll keep an eye on the thread though so if someone else runs into it maybe we can compare notes / modlists and work it out.
  24. According to the message it was "removed", so it could be 1 of many explanations: - Maybe they got hacked? - Maybe they broke some rule? - Maybe they decided to quit? - Maybe it's Todd's fault? 🤔 - OR maybe... it's Leprechauns.
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